Tuesday, July 04, 2017

4th of July Update

Hello!Hope everyone had a happy, safe 4th of July!

The Steans-Davis family had a hot, happy, summery 4th of July holiday and weekend.

On Thursday, as usual, my parents too care of Raylan during the day, including taking him to swim lessons at Emler Swim School.

Papa and Raylan synchronize their swim moves.
Amy and I both worked for a few days after Portland, but before the weekend.

Team Bonding- Ruben, Afton, and I hit the
Olive Garden for salad and soup 
On my drive home Friday night I drove past the new El Chilito that they've been building in my neighborhood, and I saw that they were setting up for grand opening festivities that night.  It was very hot and muggy on Friday, so I was convinced that no one would show up for the grand opening at 6:00.  I went home and changed clothes, and went back over there about an hour later, sure that no one would be there and I would be able to easily pick up some free gift certificates or some free tacos.
Instead, the place was packed.  There were pretty long lines for beers, tacos, and even to whack the pinata.  I wasn't able to really get any stuff, but it was great to see the neighborhood coming out to support a new, locally owned place.

I get the feeling that El Chilito is gonna do just fine.
We might even need another restaurant or two in the 'hood.
On Saturday we got up and, in the morning, took Raylan over to Garrison to swim in the pool.  He had a blast.  In the afternoon we all went grocery shopping together.
Sunday morning we went out to breakfast at Kerbey Lane.
Later, we ran some errands (got a new weed eater at Home Depot- very manly).
Eventually Raylan got some time to play in the sprinkler at our house.

Raylan the water sprite.
Sunday evening I had band practice with Reed, Frank, and Jim.  It was fun.  We played a few new covers ("Jolene" by Dolly Parton and "Midnight Radio" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch).  I had a good time.

Amy had Monday off from the AG's office, so I took the day off as well, figuring it was a good use of a vacation day to stretch the 4th of July into a four day weekend.
We had some of our friends (and Amy's co-workers) over on Monday afternoon, a sort of cookout to celebrate Independence Day.  Ryan, Jamie, and Doug (our special guest from way our west) were in attendance as well.  We just grilled hotdogs, but Amy made a corn-bean salad, a broccoli slaw, guacamole, brownies, and cookies.  Kit made a bean dip.  And we had beer and Topo Chico.
It was fun!
I'm going to try to remember who was there:  Kit, Shelly, Truett, Chad, Mary, Dan, Wendy, Kellie, Tommy, Amy, Rayln, and me.
Raylan had a blast.  That kid loves a party.
Thanks to everyone for coming over!

The view from the grill

Cooling off in the house

On Tuesday, the 4th, we got up took Raylan to a make-up swim lesson at Emler (he missed one while we were in Portland).  I'm not sure whether Raylan is learning to swim yet (difficult to say), but he definitely enjoys his swim lessons.  When we got there and I was getting him out of the car, he got really excited and kept asking, "Gonna play in the pool?" 

"Swim?!  Son, I will teach you to FLY!!"
After swim lessons we went to La Posada and had breakfast.  Afterward, upon Raylan's insistence, we walked down to the laundromat to watch the washers and dryers spin 'round.

Happy 4th of July!
When we got home there was some more playing in the yard and in the sprinkler.

In the afternoon we went to a cookout over at Jamie and Ryan's place.
We had a really nice time over there!  Good food, good company, and an appropriately festive 4th of July vibe.  Dick, Juan, Nicole, Jamie, Ryan, Mom, Dad, and one of Ryan's neighbors (and UT library employee), Ethan, were there.  Also Scout, Lucy, and Levi.  As well as a robotic toy R2-D2.

Ryan, the grillmaster (i.e., short order cook), takes orders before
heading out to man the grill in the heat
Raylan was super excited to have so many of his people gathered in one place.  
When we were leaving he told me, "No!!  I want to stay here forever!!"  (not sure where that came from)
Also, this morning when he got up, he told me he met R2-D2 yesterday.

So we all had fun.

It was a really nice weekend.

I fell asleep on Tuesday night to the sound of fireworks going off in various places throughout the neighborhood (mostly, luckily, not too close by), and felt really lucky to have had such a nice holiday weekend.
Not trying to be a downer, but the July 4th weekend was when Jeff had his accident back in 2006, so that weekend brought about some mixed feelings for a long time.  But we've been reclaiming it for a long time now, and this weekend was a really good one.
Hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday.

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