Monday, March 27, 2017


Howdy!  Things have been going pretty well over at our place, all in all.
On Thursday afternoon Mom picked up Raylan from daycare and he spent the night at their house.  Seems like he enjoyed himself.  Amy and I went out for dinner at Azul Tequila.
Friday night Raylan was back!  He's been going through a little bit of a cold or something, which has him sneezing and coughing a bit, although his mood still seems pretty good.

"Oh hi!"

On Saturday morning we went to visit our friends Libby and Jordan and their son, Rowan, over at their new house.  Rowan must be headed toward being six months old or so at this point, and we haven't seen him since shortly after he was born.  He's a really cute kid.  He's very alert, smiles and interacts quite a bit, and really holds his head and body up to look around.  It was good to see him.
Their new house was also really cool.  It's an older home over on the East Side that they've just remodeled, and they did a really incredible job with it.
As Amy said, it looks like something out of Southern Living or some other design magazine.  Really a cool place.
Also, Jordan gave me a couple of his homebrew beers.  I already tried the milk stout, and it was really good.

"Hugging?  Hugging.  Hug Cassidy."
After visiting Libby, Jordan, and Rowan we went to Home Depot, but Raylan wasn't really feeling it by that point.  (It takes some of the ambiguity out of figuring out why your kid is upset when they can keep yelling at you, "Go play?!")
We got like one quick item and then fled.
Mom and Dad stopped by to drop some stuff off for a bridal shower that Amy was going to help host, so we saw them for a few minutes.
We lunched and Raylan napped and we exercised.
In the afternoon we did our grocery shopping for our weekly stuff and bridal shower supplies.  We took care of some chores and errands.
Afterward we played in the yard and hung out on our new front yard deck.  I drank Jordan's milk stout (thanks, Jordan!), Amy had something or other (maybe some tea and some michelada), and Raylan's was crystal light in a sippy cup (which we normally don't give him).  Wild times on Tejas Trail!

"Raylan play!"
I've said it before, but spring time is the best time in Austin
On Sunday we got up and went out to breakfast at La Posada.  Afterward we went to The Natural Gardener out on Old Bee Caves Road.  We had a good time wandering around and checking the place out.  It's a really cool gardening center.  They, of course, have tons of cool plants and yard art, but also a few fountains and even some goats and chickens.  We'd gone out there to look for a few native plants that might have a decent chance of surviving in our yard.  We came back with several plants and some seeds, and Amy and Raylan went right to work getting them put into pots.
"You gotta name?  Cause I'm tempted to call you Nugget..."

"Helping?  Helping."
Cassidy keeps watch to make sure the homestead isn't attacked by

Sunday afternoon Amy headed off to attend/host the bridal shower for her friends from work.  It sounded like she had a pretty good time.
I had been trying to come up with plans and schemes to keep Raylan entertained in Amy's absence.  As it turned out, he took a really long nap and was asleep for a good part of the time that she was gone.
When he got up we ran over to the mall to run an errand, but it ended up being a really quick trip.

I got home and went to band practice a little while later.  Eric didn't make it, but the rest of us were there.  We sounded pretty good, I thought.
I got home a little late, and we ate Central Market dinners and then went to bed not too much later.
It was a good weekend, but busy!

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