Sunday, March 12, 2017

Update; Raylan's Baptism

Hi! We're headed into Spring Break, South by Southwest, and St. Patrick's Day here in Austin! This is one of my favorite weeks of the year.Anyway, last week we got a small front yard deck installed at our house. It's just a little deck in the front yard, but hopefully it will prove to be a nice spot to sit and talk, play guitar, or watch the neighbors walk by. We're happy with it.
The Hop a Long Lounge gets even loungier.

On Saturday Jean came into town for her spring visit.  She got in Saturday evening, so before she got here, we ran around during the day doing some errands and taking care of some chores.

On Sunday Raylan was baptized at Triumphant Love, the Lutheran church that Mom and Dad attend.  The service was very nice.  Pastor Steve was also very nice, both talking with us beforehand and skillfully getting through the service with an active toddler.
Ryan and Jamie came out, along with Mom, Dad, Susan, Jean, and our family friend, Judy.
Raylan sort of "helped" with his own baptism, trying to put water on his own head.

Sunday, after church, we took Raylan home, took him for a walk, fed him lunch, and got him a nap. We all got a chance to exercise.
In the evening Mom and Dad and Susan came over to celebrate the baptism and visit with us.  We ate pizza and drank wine.  My folks and Susan got some nice little baptism gifts for Raylan, and Mom brought a cake from Corner Bakery.    It was pretty casual, but very nice.  

Mom, Jean, and Susan have a chat.


And that was the weekend.  It went by really fast, but it was good.
Have a great week!

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