Monday, March 06, 2017


Hi!  Our weekend went pretty well.
On Friday night we went to dinner at La Posada.  It was fun to get out and have a relaxing dinner after a busy week.

The dramatic removal of the bib is how Raylan now signals that
his meal has come to an end.

Saturday was rainy.  It was Mom's birthday, but she was in Houston visiting friends.  So we were left to our own devices.
We ran some errands and went to the mall.
Amy bought a new suit (which looks nice on her).

It would be terrible if these two cars were to somehow
get into a collision.

"Well, yes, I have some advice on selecting business
attire, Mother.  It's funny you should ask..."

In the afternoon, after Raylan's nap, we went to Costco.  
Saturday night Amy and I watched The Expanse.  We've been enjoying it.  It's a science fiction show which deals with conflict between Earth, Mars, and "belters" who live in the asteroid belt, providing mineral resources for the planets, but struggling to acquire sufficient water, air, and food.
Anyway, it's a good show.  Most of the sci-fi shows that I watch involve faster than light travel and galaxy hopping protagonists, thereby moving them closertot the team of fantasy than anything based on an actual understanding of current science.  The Expanse takes place in a time that uses technology which is much closer to what we currently have available, and it still makes for really engaging, compelling television.

On Sunday we got up and went out for breakfast at La Familia.  It was pretty good, but La Posada is better.

"I've seen the food that you've already given me.  But I'm curious
about a couple of items that I see over there..."

After breakfast we went grocery shopping and took Raylan for a walk.  
In the afternoon we took Raylan to the park over by Ryan and Jamie's house.  Jamie joined us at the park, and later we saw Ryan at their house (he'd been at work, but got home before we took off).
We ate dinner, and that was about it for the weekend (there was some work on unclogging a sink, but I'll spare you the details).

"Uncle Ryan, when you've studied fans the way that I have,
you come to realize that air conditioners have some
of the best fans around.  Which is why we need to check out
this air conditioner.  Together."

Adorable?  Or terrifying?

Hope you guys have a good week!

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