Monday, March 20, 2017

SXSW 2017; Birthday

Well, I just got done with a really fun (and tiring) week of Jean visit, SXSW, and birthday celebration.
Jean got here on Saturday evening.  We had a nice visit with her during the week, and she got to spend some good time with Raylan (and she was good enough to help out with some child care for us while he was on Spring Break).

Feeding the toddlers is sort of like feeding the pigeons. Except noisier.  And
more dangerous. 
I also got to take some time off this week to do some South by Southwest stuff.
The weather was pretty nice, so I rode my bike around a lot.  I started it on Wednesday, catching a couple of bands after work.

Rainey Street during SX.  You gotta love Austin in the springtime.
Also had a beer along the way.
The view from Craft Pride.
Cycling homeward, going across the I-35 sidewalk
I saw some pretty good music.
The surprisingly original Lemon Twigs

Digging the alt country vibe of The Tender Things

The Grahams put on a high energy, hard driving show with their
uptempo folk rock
And Shinyribs kept the sounds of southern soul alive with tracks from their
new album and a live radio broadcast on Sun Radio
Please get us into the Shinyribs show, Kevin Russell!  You're our only hope!
And somewhere between all of those live music acts I managed to fit in a screening of Logan.  Pretty good flick, albeit a bit of a downer.  Still, it breathed some reality into the characters of Wolverine and Professor X.  It's hard to say too much about it without giving too much away.
I think it sort of did for Wolverine, though, what Dark Knight Returns once accomplished for Batman. It sort of gave viewers at least one possible, very plausible version of where the whole Wolverine story might ultimately wind up.
I think the movie did a good job of telling that sort of story, which is saying a lot because there have been many tales told with that character over time.
Anyway, I enjoyed it and thought that it was well executed.

Friday night I got together with family and friends at Pinthouse Pizza to celebrate my birthday.  Mom and Dad took Raylan to their house.  Amy, Reed, Mandy, Donna Rene, Ryan, and Jamie came out, as well as some work friends- James (and Allison), Robert (and Laura), and Greg.
We had a good time catching up and eating pizza and drinking beer.
At some point, however, some bagpipers showed up and got really, really loud (they even had a drum)  They made it hard to talk.  Or think.  Or fight off a migraine.
Here's the thing.  Bagpipers aren't Irish.  They're Scottish.  Always in the St. Patty's parades and stuff, though....
Oh well.  We had fun!

Amy looooves bagpipers!!!
Ryan, Jamie, Mandy, Amy, Reed, me, and Reed.
By Saturday we were settling back into our weekend routine.  We got errands done and did some shopping and took Raylan out for breakfast.  We even planted a few potted plants and took Raylan to see all of the plants and fountains at The Great Outdoors.  Amy also got a chocolate cake, and, predictably, Raylan went nuts for it.

Raylan kicking back in his race car shopping cart.  Which makes him yawn.

Sunday afternoon we visited Chad, Mary, and Truett in their new house.  Raylan and Truett had a blast running around together.

Truett schools Raylan in bouncing technique

And that was about it.
Amy got me an XBox One for my birthday, and I literally fell asleep last night trying to play one of the Halo games that came with it.  It's a fun gift.  Thanks, Amy!

And I think that about covers it!
Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday week so nice!  It was really enjoyable.  Felt like a mini vacation.

Here's the list of bands that I tried to keep in my phone while I was out wandering SXSW 2017.  I really liked The Tender Things.  Looking for an album by them

Here ya go:

continental club- Magia Negra
4:00 San Jose - Allison crutchfield

Gingerman- Matt Kivel
Dogwood- Vitera, Dave Scher
The big moon- San Jose 
The lemon twigs- San Jose
The drums- San Jose 
Outlaw ritual- street.  So.  congress

The Tender Things- SX San Jose
Valley Queen- San Jose
The Grahams- continental
Deslondes- San Jose 
Shiny ribs- El Mercado

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