Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hi!  Hope everyone is doing okay!  Our weekend was pretty good.
Friday night I think we sort of laid low.  I picked up dinner for us.  I got some tacos from Torchy's, and picked up dinner from Crepe Crazy for Amy.  Because Amy is, in fact, crepe crazy.
Saturday morning we went out for breakfast.
Then we took Raylan to the park and played with him.   We ran errands in there, somewhere, and Amy went for like a 4 mile run.  I plodded along on the elliptical.
Our newest house project has been a new fence.  We put up a privacy fence in the back, and a cattle panel fence in the front.  We like it!  It sort of changes the feel of the house a bit, and it sort of simultaneously makes the front yard feel more private (and useful for wrangling kids and dogs) while at the same time keeping it open to the neighborhood.
I wanna get a chair so I can sit out there with Raylan and Cassidy and play guitar while they run around.

Our new fence, mid construction, with Amy doing
her best Vanna White impersonation
On Saturday we also went to Target and ran a couple other errands.  We went to Half Price Books, and I bought a cheap copy of Animal Farm.  I was gonna buy 1984, but the guy at the store said they couldn't keep it in stock, and he heard that even Amazon was running out of copies.  I guess Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer have everyone thinking the same thing.
Raylan got a haircut.  He sat on Amy's lap and played the Hungry Caterpillar game on her phone, and was shockingly well behaved.

On Saturday night I went to a plate party at the Flying Saucer for my friend, Bill.  Apparently if you join the beer club at the Flying Saucer and drink 200 different beers (no more than 3 on any given visit) you get a plate on the wall with your name on it and a little party where they give you- you guessed it- beer!
It was a fun time!  Thanks to Amy for watching Raylan so I could go out.
A few of Bill's friends came out, including my friend from work, John, and his wife, Sally.
It was good to hang out, catch up, and drink some excellent beers.

Bill gave a toast to celebrate the fact that he is
really, really good at drinking beer
Discretion being the better part of valor, I ended up leaving my car at The Triangle and riding the bus home from the bar.  I tried to just hang out and eat a late Tex-Mex dinner at Maudie's to let the beer wear off, but it didn't work.  They have some strong ales at the Flying Saucer.  
It's late, dark, and cold while I'm waiting for the bus.
But I'm still smiling.
Because beer.
On Sunday, we still didn't have any groceries in the house for breakfast since we didn't make it to the store Saturday, and we had to get my car, anyway, so we went out for breakfast for the second time in one weekend.  Hooray!
After breakfast we went to the grocery store.

"Mom, I'd like you to let me out of this chair so I can introduce myself
to some of the people here..."
Other from that, it was mostly a lot of goofing around.
I went to the gym and Amy went for another run.

Sunday Fun Day.

Sunday night I had band practice with Reed, Frank, and Jim.  It was good.  Felt good, and we sounded alright for a bunch of guys with an intermittent practice schedule.
I came home and ate some tasty tortellini soup that Amy had made.  Yum!

That was pretty much the weekend!

Have a good week!

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