Monday, February 06, 2017


Hey! How's everyone?  Raylan and I are both getting over colds, but other from that we're pretty good!
Our weekend was busy, but fun.

Friday night we stayed home and watched Lone Star, a sort of Texas border town film noir directed by John Sayles from 1996.  It stars Chris Cooper, Kris Kristofferson, Elizabeth Pena, and a young Matthew McConaughey.  I'd seen it before, but had forgotten most of it.  
Good movie.  
Tight plot.  Good acting.
We enjoyed it.  We had recently watched Hell or High Water.   
Lone Star was better.
Saturday we got up and went for breakfast at Central Market.  We also picked up a few snacks for...
"Hello?  Hello?  Is your refrigerator running?"
Play date party!
Amy invited a few work friends over on Saturday morning for a toddler play date party!
So at our house we had Heather and Toby with Otto, Megan with Lizzie, and Katerina with Logan.
Everyone had a good time.
The weather was kind of cool and a little misty, so the kids mostly played inside with toys.  They went outside for a little bit, though, to play on Raylan's fort.

Toddler chaos with Hotwheels and trucks and cars and blocks and...

Raylan and Logan enjoy the "toddler buffet"

"Yup.  This is how it's s'posed to be, Dad.
Lizzie hangs out with her mom, and Raylan
seizes a chance to grab more food

Logan insists that I try a delicious cracker
Amy "enjoying" the toddler madness (she actually really did)
On Saturday afternoon Mom and Dad picked up Raylan so he could spend the night at their house. Amy and I had a nice dinner Saturday night at Cypress Grill.  At home, we watched Superbad.
It's a pretty funny flick (although definitely not safe for the kiddos.  Or appropriate for my mom and dad.  Okay- basically it's only funny if you can conjure the sense of humor of a high school kid.  An immature, dirty minded high school kid.)
On Sunday we ran errands and went to the gym.
In the afternoon we went over to my folks' house to pick up Raylan.  We picked up some pizza on the way over there, and we ate dinner with them at their house.
It was a nice evening.

"This monster truck is more or less the sort of thing that
 I expect to have by age 16, Mom.  This thing is a hybrid, right?"

When we got home we put Raylan to bed, and I watched the second half of the Superbowl.  I guess the media is hyping that game as a triumph by the Patriots, but from where I was sitting it looked like the most epic choke of all time by Atlanta.  They were just nonexistent in the second half of that game.  I have no idea how they got 28 points in the first half.  Or how they even got to the Superbowl in the first place.  They looked terrible.  I guess they just had a complete mental breakdown, because apparently they were really good during the season.
Well, the only football I've seen them play this year was the second half of the Superbowl, and they showed no signs of life.
The whole thing didn't exactly make me feel like tuning in to watch the NFL again next year.

Then this morning was back to school for Raylan and back to work for us.

"So what'd you guys do this weekend?"

Good weekend!  Gone too fast!
Have a good week!

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