Monday, May 02, 2016


So, we had kind of a weird weekend.
On Thursday, Amy started feeling sick.  By Thursday night she had a fever.
Friday I took Raylan in for his one year well baby check up and immunizations with his pediatrician.
Amy missed out on a lot of fun screaming.
Friday night I think we sort of chilled out.  I honestly don't really remember.  I do remember, though, that Amy wasn't feeling well and didn't get much sleep on Friday night, and neither did Raylan.  I think that was the night of the storm with all of the lightning that freaked Raylan out.  I'm not sure.  It's all blurring together.
On Saturday morning Sick Amy got some sleep while Raylan ate breakfast, went for a ride in his car buggy, and then went to get breakfast tacos with me.  Then we hung out and played a little bit.

"That's right, I run this house..."
On Saturday we took some walks and stuff. I think.
(our house- post shrub removal and some tree trimming)
I know I went to the gym in there somewhere.

Saturday night Raylan spent the night at my parents' house.  It was good for all of us.  Raylan loves going there, they wanted to spend time with him before their trip to Peru, and Amy and I needed some rest.
On Sunday morning we did some grocery shopping and got some exercise.  Then Raylan came home, and we went to The Thinkery to meet up with our friends Adam and Katie and their daughter, Ophelia.
It was Raylan's first trip to The Thinkery.  He seemed to really enjoy himself.  He loves to run and touch stuff and explore right now, so The Thinkery was right up his alley.
It was also, of course, good to see Adam, Katie, and Ophelia.  It had been too long. 
I'm kicking myself for failing to get a pic of the two kiddos together.  Or maybe all of us together?

Every time Raylan looked at Adam's face he laughed.  For like 10 minutes.
It was cute.  And weird. 

"This means something..."

So that was the weekend, more or less.  We've also been watching The Night Manager,  a miniseries on AMC based on a John le Carr√© novel of the same name.  It's a sort of espionage story with well-written characters, a larger-than-life villain, beautiful cinematography, and a well-paced, compelling plot.  We're only two episodes in, but so far I would recommend it.
And that's about it.
Everyone wish Amy well as she gets over her bug, and wish my folks safe travels as they jet off on another one of their globetrotting adventures!
Have a good week! 

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