Monday, April 25, 2016


Well, our weekend was not what we expected.  We had planned to be on vacation in Mexico this weekend, with Raylan staying with my parents for a few days.
Halfway through the week, though, the forecast was showing rain for the weekend down in Tulum.  Given the fact that our planned vacation was a beach trip, and with little other purpose for going other than relaxation and fun in the sun, we cancelled the trip (getting a refund).  We're rescheduling it for a later date.
So we stayed in Austin.  Friday night was good.  Saturday morning we got up and played with Raylan.  He woke up with a runny nose, though, and by the middle of the morning he looked really tired.  Long story short- he developed a fever and got sick. 
We took him to the doctor, and we gave him some medicine.  He was sort of up and down in terms of feeling okay and then being uncomfortable.
We tried to make sure he got lots of rest, and we took him outside when he was awake and feeling okay.
My parents did some babysitting for us on Saturday, and we got a chance to go out and have a sort of belated birthday dinner for Ryan with he and Jamie.  We went to the new Madam Mam's down by their house, and it was good.  It was nice to see the two of them and get a chance to hang out.
My mom and dad took Raylan overnight on Sunday because my mom was going to watch him, anyway, on Monday (he couldn't go back to the daycare yet).
Sunday night we watched the new episode of Game of Thrones.  Pretty good.  Hopefully this will be a good season.

That's about it.  Hope you guys are having a good week!

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