Monday, May 09, 2016


Hey! How was the weekend? Good?
Ours has been pretty good.  My parents are off vacationing and adventuring in Peru, and Amy's mom, Jean, has been in town visiting us since Wednesday.
Hopefully she is having a good visit!  We've been enjoying having her.  Raylan is definitely enjoying his Nana time!

On Friday afternoon I had Mental Health Court.  It's sort of an informal treatment court where we have defendants come check in so we can see how they're doing and make sure that they're taking care of themselves and staying out of trouble.  Next door in Court 6, during the same time slot, Project Engage takes place.  It's a caseload for youthful offenders.  This week they had Guy Forsyth come and play some music and talk to the kids.  I've seen Guy Forsyth a number of times over the years.  He's a really good musician and singer.  It was nice of him to come out and support the program.  I'm not sure his music was entirely the sort of thing that the kids in the program were typically into, but some of them definitely seemed to enjoy it.  The lawyers and judges who stopped by to listen definitely enjoyed it.

Guy Forsyth plays Project Engage

On Friday night we ordered some Thai food and mostly just hung out.
On Saturday morning we got up, and I ran to the store and ran an errand or two.  We all took turns working out and Raylan wrangling, and then, after lunch, we headed out to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  It was a pretty nice day for it.

(Raylan leads the way)

There is a children's interactive exhibit at the Wildflower Center featuring watering holes.  It was sponsored by the memorial fund created in Jeff Wilson's name after he passed away, and the exhibit has a sign bearing his name.  It was sort of a bittersweet moment watching Raylan happily play in the water at the exhibit and explore the place.  Jeff passed away ten years ago this summer.  That seems unreal to me.  He was a great friend, and I still miss him all of the time.  I wish he could have met Raylan and Amy. 
The watering hole feature is great, though, and I know it would have made Jeff laugh and smile to watch Raylan crazily scrambling around the place, playing with the water and watching it pour out of the fountain and through the rocks.
The Wildflower Center is great.  We all really enjoyed Jeff's exhibit and the whole place.  We need to go back again soon and bring more sunscreen! 

(Let me go, Mom!  I got this!!)

Mom explains fish and plants and creeks and ponds.

On Saturday night, after we had gotten home and gotten Raylan fed and put to bed, Amy made turkey burgers. Very good!
On Sunday morning we went out for an early Mother's Day breakfast at Kerbey Lane.  There were a couple of tables that just had dads with little kids in tow, but with no moms to be seen.  I guess as Raylan gets older I'll see if Amy wants to celebrate being a mom by getting a break from kid duty.
But we had a nice time having breakfast together!  I enjoyed it, and I hope she did, too, seeing as how it was Mother's Day!

Mother and daughter supermom team!

After breakfast we went for a walk and hung out at the park for a while.  Raylan ran around, enjoying all of the attention.

After the park I picked up some childproof latches at Home Depot and installed them in the kitchen.  Now that Raylan is walking around and getting into everything, it seemed pretty important to get them installed.
After that, I worked out and went to visit Ryan and Jamie.
Amy and Jean went shopping with Raylan.
For dinner we had barbecue chicken tacos.
Amy might be coming down with a cold again, so she went to bed pretty early.  I didn't stay up very late, either.

By the way, Raylan did some dancing this weekend!  He's always liked music, and for quite some time he's been bouncing up and down in my arms for certain songs, but now that he can walk, I decided to play one of his favorite songs for him, and he bounces up and down to it with a big smile on his face!

Just for the record, the first song that Raylan ever danced to was Manila by Seelenluft.  For some reason he seems to love this song.  It came on when we were in the car one day on the way to daycare, and I could see him bouncing back and forth in his car seat to it, so I found it on Spotify and started playing it for him.  Seems to make him happy.

And that was pretty much our weekend!  Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers!  I exchanged emails with my mom in Peru.  Sounds like she's having fun.  And it's been good having Jean here for a visit!

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