Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Well, our weekend was pretty good!
Saturday involved shopping and running errands and stuff.
Saturday night Amy made chicken enchiladas.  They were good.  I think we watched a couple episodes of The Night Manager.
Sunday we went out for breakfast.  Raylan has gotten pretty used to strollering down to Central Market.  Apparently, he likes their eggs.

We played outside.  Amy and I tried (semi successfully) to convince Raylan that water-filled Tupperware is just as fun as muddy puddles.

We played in Raylan's room and took a slightly belated 12 month photo.

(Raylan, spinning his "vinyl")
If you take enough pictures, Raylan will climb into your lap and
demand to see that gadget that you've been clicking

We also me up with some friends, Libby and Jordan, at Radio, a coffee shop in the neighborhood.  Very nice to see them.

Sunday evening we watched Game of Thrones after Raylan was asleep.  Amy put together a wagon for him that Jean had gotten him.

And that was our weekend!  Hope yours was good!






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