Monday, April 04, 2016


Hey there! Hope you're doing alright.
Our weekend was good! The weather was beautiful.
Raylan is getting oh so very close to walking. He stands up on his own, and sometimes sort of bobs up and down. He might be dancing, or he might just be excited to be alive.  Hard to tell, and I guess it could be both.
On Friday we didn't do anything, I think.  Actually, I think I got Amy to watch the first episode of Season 1 of The Flash.  I just got done watching season 1 on Netflix, and I enjoyed it, so I thought she would, too.  I think she liked it.  Superhero fun without the somber mood of a lot of the other superhero shows.
On Saturday we went down to the Honk street band festival near The Spiderhouse.  It was fun, and we couldn't have had a nicer day for it. 
For those who haven't been, Honk is a festival of community street bands.  I think that Honk events are hosted at different places around the country, but this one in Austin has been going strong for a number of years now, and it's a good time.  The bands run the range in terms of age, gender, and, frankly, talent level.  There are some really good bands and some sort of, uh, less technically skilled bands that tend to be selling themselves more on their colorful costumes and their enthusiasm than their actual musical ability.  But almost all of the bands have costumes.  And many of the spectators.  Some of the bands play mostly original stuff.  Others play covers. 
Raylan seemed pretty receptive to the music.  At first he was a little scared.  Then interested.  Then excited and happy to be there.  He bounced around and kicked his legs and smiled.  He seems to really like the drums, and he was fascinated by the brass and woodwind instruments.  He also loved people watching.

"I'm just gonna take a quick break in this shady spot
under the stroller, Mom."
"Are you hearing this!?  I think
I hear drums!!"

Detroit Party Marching Band play alt-J's "Fitzpleasure"

Prettiest smile in the crowd ;-)

So that was Saturday afternoon.  Late in the afternoon/early evening my folks came by and picked up Raylan to take him to Steiner Ranch for the night.  We are so lucky that they can do that from time to time.
In the evening we went out and met some friends at Topgolf.
I'd never been to Topgolf before.  It's kind of an impressive/crazy thing to behold.  The thing is about the size of a minor league baseball stadium.  It's essentially a driving range with three different levels (we were on the top level).  The "green" down below has giant, glowing targets, essentially lighted holes in the ground, that are the size of swimming pools of various sizes.  The gold balls that you hit have computer chips in them, I guess, because once you hit a ball, a computer screen at your station tells you whether you hit one of the targets, and if so, how close you came to hitting the center of the target (you get points for both how far you hit the ball and how accurately).
You get seated at a "bay", sort of like the seating area for a lane at a bowling alley, and you can order food (pretty good) and drinks.
We're not golfers, but we had a lot of fun.  It was good just to be out with friends, the weather was great, and it was entertaining to try something new.
When we first got to the place, their computer system was down, so we actually got to hit balls for about an hour without paying for it, which was nice practice for complete novices.

(Amy takes a practice shot)

(Kit caddies for the ladies)

(Steanso tees off with his "special"

So that was Saturday night.  Fun!
On Sunday I got up and exercised.  Then Amy got up and went to her pilates class with her friend, Emily.  Raylan came home, and he and I ran a couple of errands.  We had fun being out.
Later in the evening I went over to Reed's house.  We had a two man Wastewood practice.
Then I came home and ate some really tasty vegetable pot pie that Amy had made.  It was very good.
I stayed up a little late to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead.*
Then I passed out. 

And that was the weekend!  Hope you guys had a good one!  We definitely enjoyed ours.

* The season finale wasn't very good.  Having read the reviews this morning, the critics seem to be hung up on the fact that the show employed yet another cliffhanger to keep viewers on the hook until next season.  I'm much more annoyed by the fact that the writers keep having the characters make stupid decisions simply in order to put them in peril and advance the plot.  Good writing should keep characters consistent, or at least do a good job of demonstrating why they make choices that seem illogical.  Walking Dead has spent large amounts of time (i.e., multiple seasons) demonstrating that certain characters have come to develop a certain worldview, only to have the characters completely abandon that line of thinking whenever doing so forwards the plot (e.g., Carol suddenly deciding that violence is not the answer after years of developing her "whatever it takes attitude" and Rick suddenly failing to recognize the considerable risks involved in recklessly starting a war with a mostly unknown, but well-armed and murderous band of marauders- all after he's been treating every person that they've come across with paranoia and suspicion for the last couple of years). 
Anyway, the shock value of the tragedy on Walking Dead can only be maintained when it feels like really bad things are happening to good people.  At this point, the protagonists of the show have become just as bloodthirsty as their enemies (they launched a peremptory strike against a rival gang, murdering their members in their sleep), and they seem sort of clumsy and foolish in defending themselves.
In short, I might be losing interest.

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