Friday, April 15, 2016


Okay, so I'm not delusional.  This blog has only a small handful of loyal readers left (thank you!), and I know that most of you remaining guys are stopping by to see pictures of Raylan and general family-related tomfoolery. 
Nonetheless, I'm posting a video of a song that Reed and I recorded a couple of years back.  There's not much to the video, really.  It's just a means of embedding the audio track onto my blog site.

So few of you will see this, and of those who see it, it will probably suit even fewer people's tastes, but.... it's my blog, so.... ENJOY!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

(By way of background, the song was inspired by a trip that Reed and I took to New Orleans in 2007 with our friends Andy and Rami to see The Police in concert.  The trip took place about a year after Jeff Wilson passed away, so that was on our minds, too.)


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