Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

Hey!  Hope everyone had a nice Easter Weekend!  We did!
On Thursday night we had dinner with Ryan and Jamie at our house.  They came over and we picked up some Thai food and ate some dessert bars from Central Market.  It was Jamie's birthday the next day, so it was good to get a chance to hang out with her!  Ryan and Jamie got to visit with Raylan a bit before he went to bed, and then the remaining four of us had dinner and got a chance to catch up.  It was good!  Seems like it had been a while since we got together.
Friday night I don't know that we did a whole lot.  I had a long day at work.  I think we just relaxed and watched an episode of The Man in the High Castle (we like it, but still haven't worked our way through season 1).
On Saturday we ran some errands.  Amy made it to a workout class that she's taking with some friends.  Mandy had us over to hang out with the Sensats and Kim (y Miles) and Donna Rene.  She made some chicken tacos and the kids got to play while the rest of us got to visit.  It was good to see everyone!  Raylan enjoys watching Wilson and Miles run around.  He laughs and smiles, but he also gets a little intimidated and clingy around the bigger kids.  He had fun, though.

"You're kidding me?  You mean to tell me that ladies' faces
don't just come in all of these colors?"
Sunday was Easter.  We got up and went to church with my mom and dad out at Triumphant Love, the Lutheran church that they attend up on Great Hills Trail.  It was a nice service.  Raylan was pretty well behaved and happy, so that was good.  It was nice to go.

(obligatory post East service pic)
After church Mom and Dad had us over to their house for lunch.  We ate some food, took Raylan to the park, and then got a chance to catch up with Mom and Dad while Raylan took a nap.
It was nice!
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Easter swangin'

On the way home from Mom and Dad's house we stopped off and tried to take some pictures of Raylan in the bluebonnets.  If you live in Central Texas and you have a toddler, I'm pretty sure that you're required by law to attempt to take a picture of them sitting in bluebonnets at least once a year.
Raylan was not super into it.  He's usually a very smiley kid,  but for some reason he was sort of bewildered and confused by the whole bluebonnet experience. 
The important thing is that we gave it the ol' college try!

"I don't get it."

"Mom, how is this fun for me?"

"Seriously, guys, this is the last one I'm doing.  Okay?"
So that was pretty much our Easter!  Hope everyone else had a nice one.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us stop by, and thanks to Ryan and Jamie for hanging out at our place so Raylan could get to sleep!
Hope everyone has a good week!

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