Monday, October 05, 2015

ACL Weekend 2015

(Rylan helps me practice for the festival by sitting on a blanket
on the grass with me Friday morning before I headed out)

Hey!  Another ACL Festival under the belt!  Initially I was gonna go with Amy while my parents were going to watch Raylan, but Amy had a work conflict, and ultimately decided she's just rather stay home, so it ended up being Frank (of Mono Ensemble guitar fame) and myself at the festival.  We met up with Mandy, Vikki, and Ellie once and tried to meet up with them again, but... there's a lot of people at ACL Fest, y'all.
The weather was really good, we heard some good music, and we had a good time!

My parents watched Raylan Friday, and he stayed at their house overnight.  We missed him, but also, hey, sleep is nice!  We got up and went out to breakfast Saturday morning.  Did a little shopping, and they brought him back around noon.  I watched about ten minutes of the UT-TCU game and then had to turn it off.  So horrible.
Frank and I did the festival in the afternoon.
I went to Garrison Park on Sunday morning with May and Raylan.  We met up with Amy's friend Katarina and her little boy, Logan.  Logan is about 9 months old, so he and Raylan are fairly close to the same age.  The weather was beautiful, and it was fun to hang out in the park.

Here are my festival notes.  I think TV on the Radio was my favorite this year.  They were really good.
Great weather!

Friday:  American Aquarium (partial set), Ruen Brothers, a few minutes of Royal Blood before heading over to Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, a little bit of Billy Idol and then Maggie Koerner, Tame Impala, Gary Clark, Jr., and overheard Foo Fighters on the way out.

We got to the park during American Aquarium, but they were good.  I'd never heard Maggie Koerner before, but she was good.  Great vocals, a sort of sparse instrumental sound with good guitar work.  Cool stuff.  Gary Clark, Jr., was good, too (I heard someone compare him to Stevie Ray Vaughn recently, and I'm not sure he's that good, but he's good).

Saturday:   some of Shakey Graves (mostly from a nearby stage while waiting for...), Sturgil Simpson, Unknown Mortal Orchestra (partial set), part of Alabama Shakes (while waiting at nearby stage for...), TV on the Radio, and one or two Deadmau5 songs on the way out.

Sturgil Simpson was really good.  Super tight, good band with good slide guitar.  TV on the Radio played a really good, high energy show.  Amongst the best I've seen of them.  They've gotten better and better with their live shows over the years.

Sunday:  The Decemberists, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Alt-J, and Dwight Yoakam.

The Decemberists were really good.  As always.  Kurt Vile was fun.  Alt-J also had a really standout show.  Good to see them still doing well (they had at least one personnel change since I saw them last, I think).

(Maggie Koerner- really good show)

(TV on the Radio!)

(There's always the possibility of a whale attack at a Decemberists show)


(this picture was taken one moments before Raylan
unexpectedly levitated for the first time)


Jean said...

Can't wait to see all of you! Love the pics and glad you had a good time. Hope you sang along on the Mariner's Revenge.

J.S. said...

Looking forward to your visit! And I've now had Mariner's Revenge stuck in my head for days!