Monday, October 19, 2015


(This is my foot.  I have this one and a spare on the other side.)

So it was a good weekend.  Amy's mom, Jean, got into town on Wednesday, and stayed with us through the weekend.  My parents were in Nashville visiting the Blood family this weekend, so it was sort of a parent swap.  Ryan's been in Portland for work, so the Steans family has been spread out, somewhat.
It was nice to have Jean visit.  Raylan is old enough now that he's aware of people, so he and Nana hit it off.  Jean and Amy got him to really start eating several different kinds of solid foods.  Amy's been blending up all kinds of stuff, but apparently apples are a big fave right now.  They also took a lot of walks.  Jean and Amy also worked on some quilting and stitching projects.  Seems like they had fun.
I should mention that, unfortunately, Amy came down with a cold right as Jean was getting here.  It wasn't horrible or anything, but she was a little bit more tired than usual and coughing a lot.  It was kind of nice to have Jean in town to help out a bit with Raylan while Amy wasn't quite feeling up to par.
(This picture sort of symbolizes the weekend.  Coughing Amy and hanging out with Raylan.
Note that Amy's coughing toward me, and not Raylan.  Protect the bebe!)
What else?  On Thursday night I stopped in at a "goodbye" happy hour after work for Danielle, Greg, and J. Michael, who are all going to the D.A.'s office to work on felony cases.  Happy hour was pretty fun.  I'll be sorry to see them go.  All three of them are good people, and I've worked with Danielle a lot because she was my partner in the Veterans Court for several years.  She's a good lawyer.  I'm sure she'll kick some butt in the D.A.'s office.
Thursday night Amy made chilaquiles (yum!), so we had a nice dinner after the happy hour.  Friday night we ate some pizza.
Saturday morning I sold my CRV.  I had posted an ad for it on Craigslist, and I had quite a few people call me about  it.  There's a strangely high demand for CRVs from around the 2000 time period, I found out.  I guess it's because they only made that particular body style for a year or two.
Anyway, I had told Amy that I was glad to be getting calls about the car, but that I really wanted to sell it to a college student or someone who would just buy the car and have a good time with it (as opposed to fixing it up to resell it).
Well, in the end Nancy Hohengarten, the judge whose court I work in for the mental health docket, ended up buying the car for her son, Matt.  Matt goes to college nearby, so he just needed something to get him around in.  I hope he has fun with the CRV, and I hope it holds up well for him.  It's an old car, but it was good to me!

(End of an era!  Take care of her, Matt, and she'll take care of you!)

So having sold the car pretty early in the day on Saturday, I took advantage of the extremely nice weather (and the off week for UT football) by going for a bike ride.  It was a great day to be on the bike.  I pedaled my way downtown and went by the book festival.  I stopped and got a turkey sandwich, watched the kids at the skate park for a few minutes, and then pedaled my way home.
Amy and Jean worked on quilting while I was out, so they were probably glad to have me out of their way.
Afterward, I got home, took a shower, and ran to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week.
That evening we ordered out for Thai food and played with Raylan.

(Raylan expresses interest in Cassidy.  Cassidy, wisely, plays dead.)

(Sometimes Raylan seems pretty proud of himself on his walks.  Not sure he realizes that Amy is the one doing the actual walking.  Silly bebe.)

On Sunday we got up and took Raylan over to Kerbey Lane for breakfast.  It was very nice.  Raylan was pretty mellow and easily entertained, and we all had a nice breakfast.

(Sunday morning breakfast with Nana!  Raylan had the blue, plastic bowl,
a la carte)
After breakfast Jean and Amy ran some errands while I hung out with Raylan for a while.  Later on I went to the gym.  In the evening I went to band practice.  It felt good.  We had some strong music moments in there.
When I got home, Amy had made turkey sausage stuffed peppers and a salad.  Excellent dinner.  She made an apple crisp for dessert.  Jean and I both liked it, but Amy was on the fence.

And that was pretty much it.

It was a nice weekend.  Beautiful fall weather.  We spent a lot of time with the windows open, and we wandered in and out of the house.
Thanks to Jean for visiting!  We enjoyed having you! 
It'll be nice to have Mom and Dad back, too.


Jean said...

Thank you for a wonderful visit! Raylan is the BEST, and you two aren't bad either! xooxox

Jean said...

....and the apple crisp was delicious! Buy ice cream!

J.S. said...

We ate it up tonight. Decided it was much better on a second try. We enjoyed your visit! Thanks for coming!