Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hey! Hope everyone is doing okay!

Friday night Mandy agreed to babysit for us, so she hung out with Raylan while we joined Ryan and Jamie at Strange Brew for an XTC Tribute show that benefitted the SIMS foundation.  I don't really know XTC as a band all that well, but it's one of Jamie's favorite groups, and since she's never gotten to see them perform (their lead singer suffers from panic attacks, and, as a consequence they threw in the towel on live shows decades ago), the chance to see their music played live was a sort of unique opportunity for her.  The band that played the show was comprised of various musicians who play in other bands around Austin, fronted by a talented cast of local singers of varying levels of local renown (Matt the Electrician, Seela Misra, and Miles Zuniga, to name a few).  It was a fun night!  XTC are a music fan's band, with interesting songs containing thought provoking lyrics.  Their music requires a higher-than-average level of musicianship for a rock/pop group, but it contains very few solos or showy showcases for virtuosity.  They're a cool band, and I should know more about them.  I intend to rectify that.

XTC for you and me!

On Saturday I went to the store, and we took care of errands and chores.  In the afternoon we went over to my parents' house to watch the UT-OSU game.  UT's play continues to improve, but they were killing themselves with penalties (and with some decidedly poor calls by the officials- but mostly with boneheaded mistakes).  Anyway, we ended up losing when our punter fumbled the ball toward the end of the game, allowing OSU to recover and kick a last second field goal.  Especially painful after losing last week by choking on an extra point.  Oh well.  At least we were in the game.

Also on Saturday Raylan developed some... tummy problems and accompanying diaper rash.  He became pretty uncomfortable.  Poor guy.  It was a situation that lasted through Saturday night and throughout most of Sunday.  Raylan wasn't upset the whole time or anything, but he was much moodier than usual.  As a result, we mostly laid low on Sunday and didn't do much.  We went for a few walks because the weather was nice.

(surprisingly happy while waiting to see the doctor)
On Monday I took Raylan to the doctor.  Hopefully this will lead to his speedy recovery!

And that was our low key weekend.  Here's to hoping Raylan starts feeling better this week!

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