Monday, September 21, 2015


So the weekend was pretty good, but went by way too fast. It feels like they all do these days. On Friday night for dinner Amy made salmon with avocado purée and spice crusted eggplant. Very good!! On Saturday I got up and went and got us some breakfast tacos.  Then I did some grocery shopping, played with Raylan, exercised, and took care of a few chores. In the evening we went over to my parents' house to watch the UT-California game  with Ryan, Jamie, Dick, Juan, Matt, and Nicole. Mom provided some good food. 
UT looked much improved.   Jerrod Heard looked like a real quarterback, and the offense finally looked like it was firing on all pistons.  The defense had some blown tackles, but looked better as well.
UT put together an amazing offensive series towards the end of the game that should have tied it up- but we missed an extra point and lost.  It was tragic.
Oh well.  Most fun I've had watching a UT game in quite some time.  At least I felt like I was watching an honest-to-god football game instead of... well, instead of whatever it is that we've been doing recently.

Getting ready to watch the game

Nap time

On Sunday I ran a number of  errands.  I hit Home Depot, Target, and Randall's.  Amy was feeling a little under the weather on Sunday, so we didn't do a whole lot.  We took care of chores and I exercised.  The fall allergies have returned.  Hooray.  I got to spend some good time with Raylan, though, so that was nice.  In the evening I watched Fear the Walking Dead.  The pacing on that show is way off.  It almost felt boring.  Hope that the regular Walking Dead series doesn't suffer a similar fate.

It's not exactly cool out, but fall is coming...
And that was about it.  Hope everyone is having a good week!

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