Monday, July 13, 2015


The weekend was pretty good.  Thursday night Amy took us out to dinner at Central Market café (did I ever mention that I love my wife?!).  It was good.  Raylan seemed to stay fairly entertained, and it was nice to get out for a little bit.  We even got "cute baby" compliments from people.  Always nice to get a little positive reinforcement on these baby outings.  Still new territory for us.

(bebe y madre about town)

On Friday night I think we just hung out with Raylan.  Eventually he went to sleep, and we watched The Americans.  We're enjoying it.
Saturday morning Amy took care of Raylan and gave him a bath.  I ran to the grocery store and to Costco. 
In the afternoon Shelly and Kit stopped by.  It was good to hang out with them and catch up.  Kit is doing an internship with Cray.  Cray builds supercomputers.  Think WOPR (aka "Joshua").  Think Skynet. 
If Kit continues working for Cray, he'll be on the front lines when the singularity comes.  And if Kit is going to be one of the first people to come in contact with an artificial intelligence, the machines are in for a wild ride.

(Tummy Time!)

(Shelly and Raylan)

On Sunday we went out to my parents house for some family time, a swim in their pool, and dinner.  We had a cookout with chicken sausage, corn, asparagus, and a salad or two.  Very nice.
So it was a good weekend!  Saw some friends and family, got to go to the pool, and spent a lot of time with Raylan and Amy.  Things are good!


The League said...

I will miss when Raylan has moved beyond staring at things like a guy who has been drinking all day who cannot believe a van with a wizard painted on the side has pulled up next to him and is blasting Rush's "Tom Sawyer".

J.S. said...

I'm hoping he expands his repertoire, but keeps that look in reserve,