Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hey!  Hope summer is going well for everyone.  For those with kiddos, I guess back to school time is right around the corner, and summer is almost over.  For those of us without kids, we're sort of working off a "what does it feel like" sort of model, and, at least in Austin, we we're looking forward to at least a month or so of summer before we get any sort of real respite from the heat.

This week was pretty good.  Once again, we've been pretty busy.  On Tuesday we went over to our friends Adam and Katie's house.  Adam was on a game show on GSN (the Game Show Network) called The Chase.  I'm not sure when the show was filmed (I guess a couple months ago?), but it aired this past week, so he had a watch party at his house.  We had a really good time.  The show is essentially a trivia show where contestants compete, as a team, against a big, smart British guy who goes by the name The Beast.
One of Adam's teammates got eliminated early on, but Adam and another teammate advanced to the final round.  The competed for a final cash prize of about $110,000, but, in the end, The Beast caught up to them (in terms of the number of questions correctly answered), and they lost.  Kind of sad to see all of that cash slip away, but it was definitely a fun ride.  Adam had a strong performance.  Definitely better than I could have done.

On Friday evening we stopped by a garage sale that our friends Libby and Jordan were having.  They're moving to Spain next year to attend a Spanish language immersion school, so they were selling some of their stuff before leaving the country (I guess they thought it a better to unload some stuff than store it all).  We hung out with them and had a beer, and Amy even bought a few items.
Both Libby and Jordan have worked in my office for several years now as prosecutors, and they're good friends of ours.  I'm happy for their experience, but sad to see them go.

On Saturday we went to Austin Books with Ryan and Jamie.  Amy has seen Ryan's comic book collection (which is... impressive), so she was curious to see where all of his books, figures, and collectibles come from.  Austin Books now had actually split into several stores- their original store, a game shop, a sort of pop art gallery, and a resale shop.  We walked around the different places, and Amy got to let it all wash over her.  It's a lot to take in for a newbie, but she enjoyed it.
Afterward we went and had lunch and hung out a bit.

Ryan, Amy, Jamie, and Steanso
Saturday evening Amy and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  We really enjoyed it.  It hits just about the right tone for a summer blockbuster, action-adventure, sci-fi popcorn flick.  It's got good dialogue, cool action sequences, well-developed characters, and a great sense of humor.  The plot was fairly run-of-the-mill for this sort of movie, but I ended up caring about the characters and what happens to them, and that's really all that I ask out of that sort of movie.

Today we went out for breakfast, since then we've been running errands and doing chores.  I took Cassidy to the park for a little while.  Amy's been working on a test recipe for Cook's Country.  She volunteered to try making some sort of toffee bars, and then to answer survey questions about it.  I guess that if the responses are good, they'll publish the recipe.  The bars are cooling as I write this, and I haven't tasted them, but they smell really good...

(Amy, preparing to determine whether the toffee bars are fit
for the rest of America)
Earlier, we also went to Costco today.  Costco has started stepping up their beer selection, carrying bombers of some pretty good beers for some reasonable prices.  This discovery has made me much more enthusiastic about making our Costco runs.

happily tucked in beside the wine rack...

And that's been about it.
Mom and Dad are still abroad.  They did a week in Scotland with some friends of theirs (one of Dad's old friends from work lives there), and now they're launching into a tour of Ireland during week two.  Sounds like they're having fun!

Take care.  Have a good week.  Stay cool!!! 


Jean said...

How were the toffee bars?

matthew miller said...

I literally squealed when I saw the bombers at Costco. My haul: Stone IPA, Samuel Smith's Chocolate Stout, Fin Du Monde, and a Sculpin (to replace the one you got me at housewarming).

J.S. said...

The toffee bars were great, and the bombers are definitely one of the coolest things about Costco. Maybe we need a Costco bombers party....