Friday, December 20, 2013

Aidos, Mack Brown!

Just a quick, belated blurb to wish UT's head football coach, Mack Brown, a happy quasi-retirement as he steps down.  I recently blogged about Mack Brown and the possibility that he might step down as head coack or be forced out.
Well, the somewhat inevitable has come to pass (UT fans being the impatient little rapscallions that they are), and Mack Brown will be headed off into the sunset.
Personally, I remain thankful for his service, and I'm still not sure that UT is making the right decision.  As my brother and some other people have pointed out, UT fans have pretty short memories.  For many years before Mack Brown the UT football program was sputtering and coughing along.  Those of us who still remember the Akers, McWilliams, and Mackovic years know that even Mack Brown's performance in recent seasons was not, in the end, all that bad.  By winning a national championship in 2005 and putting together really powerful teams through at least 2008, Mack Brown set a standard for UT football that was simply difficult to maintain. 
I think that a new coach may have the potential to reinvigorate the UT football program, but positive results are far from certain.  Essentially, I think UT has just removed a proven commodity in favor of taking a big gamble, and the university is still going to be stuck paying out significant money to Brown on the remainder of his contract (a process which is, apparently, standard operating procedure in the lucrative world of college football, but which still seems kind of strange, given the fact that the university is struggling with money issues in so many other areas).

Anyway, thank you for your service, Mack!  You us many, many happy hours of college football, including a national championship and some other amazing games.  Your tenure at UT has been a really fun one, and it helped to keep UT fans invested and rallied behind the program.

(Mom, Dad, and I enjoy a game inn October of 2009 featuring Mack Brown's
Texas Longhorns versus Colorado.  The good guys won.  38-14)

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