Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Weekend;

The weekend was pretty good.  I was actually a little sad to see Christmas go this year.  Some years I end up feeling like Christmas has worn out it's welcome by the time it's over with, but this year it seemed to sneak up on me a bit, and I felt like I only had about a good, solid week of feeling "in the Christmas spirit" before the whoile thing was over.  Oh well, if Christmas left me wanting a little more this year, that must mean that I had a good holiday!
So this weekend was good.  It was nice to relax, unwind a bit, and get some basic chores done.  Amy did some cooking this weekend (salmon with avocado puree on Saturday night, and baked ziti on Sunday- both excellent), and we potted some plants and ran some errands.  Went to the grocery store.  We've been watching Treme.  I went for a bike ride on Saturday.  We took down Christmas decorations in the house, but left up the outside lights to stay festive into the new year. We played some Xbox (Halo Reach).  Amy and I are both entertained by some video games, and I like playing them with her. 
(Sunday involved potting some houseplants.  Cassidy
provided supervision)

On Sunday afternoon I rode my bike over to Strange Brew to listen to some music. Which brings me to my next thing.
Everyone out there?  Everyone listening?  I'm going to try to start a new project.  It's gonna be a new blog, actually.  I want to try to focus on Austin music.  I'm going to try to shoot for two entries every month (hopefully at least one) that feature some local music act that I've seen perform in a local venue.  I want to focus on acts that are from Austin, and focus even more on acts that are maybe a little less well known and not well-established.
I don't know- maybe this whole thing will crash and burn pretty quickly, but I want to try it out.  It's going to be called ATX Note Book (get it?  music?  notes?  see what I did there?), and I hope you come over and check it out.  I'm hoping it will be fun, that it will encourage me to go out and see more live shows, and that it will serve as a place to document a part of Austin's live music scene that just isn't discussed as much as it deserves.


Jean said...

I think your new blog is a excellent idea to not only reflect/support the artists you've seen, but also to archive your own musical journey.

J.S. said...

Thanks, Jean! I'm hoping looking forward to trying to keep it going. I've been wanting to write about something that requires a little more analysis, so it'll hopefully help me scratch that itch, and, of course, I'm hoping it will help me get out (or hopefully often both of us) to see some more live music.