Monday, December 23, 2013


So a quick update for the pre-Christmas run up.
It's been busy lately.
Last Thursday we had our office holiday luncheon, and that same evening we had our office Christmas party at Threadgill's.  Both events were pretty fun.  My experience is that if you go into these events with some pretty reasonable expectations, they can be pretty fun.
Anyway, I got a chacne to share some holiday revelry with the co-workers. 
I'm not sure what we did on Friday night.  We ran an errand or two on the way home.  We were both sort of tired.  Amy made some good salmon.  I think we just watched Treme and sort of hung out.  It was a pleasant evening, but pretty low key.
Saturday we ran errands and did grocery shopping and chores.  In the evening we went to La Traviata for a nice Italian dinner with the family.  Amy and I are trying to start a sort of new holiday tradition in the Steans family, we have decided, where we try to go out for a nice Italian dinner at some point around Christmas or New Year's.  We went to Vespaio a couple of years back for New year's Eve dinner, and that was fun, too.  Good food, good wine, and lively conversation.  We had a really nice time on Saturday night.  I had never been to La Traviata before (although it's been around for a long time).  I really liked it.  In addition to having good food (I had cioppino, and it was very tasty), the restaurant is an old-fashioned, kind of cozy space.
Anyway, we had a nice dinner Saturday night.  It was a good chance to hang out with the family.
Ryan and Jamie had ridden downtown with us to go out to dinner, and on the way home we decided to detour and drive around a little bit to look at Christmas lights.  The lights are not exactly densely packed in South Austin, but we did find some lights, and a couple of pretty impressive houses.
Afterward, Ryan and Jamie stopped by the house for a cookie, AND to have Amy and I take part in one of the single worst Christmas traditions of all time.
For those who don't know, my brother, many years ago, created the legend of Santor- some sort of weird, creepy Christmas spirit who is apparently meant to represent everything this is wrong and disappointing about the Christmas holiday.  This year was our turn to take part in the legend...


Don't ask me to explain it.  I can't.  I'm not even sure I support it.  And yet there he is.  Santor.  In my house.  With... my wife and my dog.

Sooo....  moving on... 

That was Saturday.
Sunday we did some more shopping and running around.
Amy did a little baking.  Sunday night we ended up (sort of at the last minute) going to see American Hustle at the Westgate movie theater over by our house.
We both enjoyed it.  Good performances all around.  It managed to be dramatic without being melodramatic.  Funny without being ridiculous.  Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner both sort of played against their usual type, and both did a good job.
I'm not sure how closely the plot of the movie mirrored the facts of the actual Abscam sting from the 70's, but it sounds like it must've been a pretty crazy sequence of events if even half of the story from the film is true.

Anyway, we enjoyed the movie.

It was a nice weekend.  Now Christmas.  Try not to think about Santor.

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