Monday, May 06, 2013


The weekend was good, but way too short.  Amy worked just about all day Saturday, so it really felt like things went flying by.

Friday night we had dinner, went to the store,  and then watched the last episode of Game of Thrones from Season 2.  I know that I'm like a season behind, but it's pretty cool how season 2 had the show is making a sort of slow transition from being a being more or less realistic show, about medieval warfare in a world where magic hadn't been seen in generations, into a show that involves sorcery and dragons and undead armies (for those who don't watch, Game of Thrones takes place in a world where magic has taken on an almost mythical quality after having disappeared from the world) .  Somehow the more fantastic elements of the show seem much more interesting and compelling after watching a season and a half that mostly took place without them.  The audience joins the characters in the process of watching magic (in both good and evil forms) reenter their world.  Having taken a long journey with the characters from reality into a more fantastic world, the audience finds itself taking the magic more seriously than it would have had the show kicked off with a world filled with leprechauns and unicorns.  This slow march into a realm of magic has probably captured many readers and viewers who ordinarily wouldn't be very interested in investing themselves in fantasy fiction.

At any rate, we're still enjoying Game of Thrones.  I'm looking forward to Season 3.

On Saturday Amy had to go to work.  To help make laws.  My fiancee makes laws.
While Amy was at work I went and ran some errands for us and took care of a few chores.  After that I pedaled down to my brother's house and hopped in the car to go with him to San Marcos for a comic book convention.  I'm game for such things, and he promised that we could stop off for lunch.

I've been to quite a few of these conventions over the years, which is kind of unusual for a guy who doesn't really collect comic books.
But the conventions aren't really even about comic books all that much these days.  They're more of a celebration of a subculture.  Everything and anything that has to do with fantasy and/or sci fi is game.  Movies, TV shows, video games, comics, cartoons, and artwork.
(do NOT open the figurines to look at them
more closely!)
People walk around dressed in costumes (cosplay is what they call it), and people can just sort of let it all hang out in terms of being rabid, crazy fans without a lot of judgment or criticism from people who might fear the weirdness.
Most of me is a big fan of this sort of thing.  I generally enjoy honest, unbridled expressions of individuality and creativity.
I have to admit that there's a little part of me that sort of questions that undercurrent of desperate commercialism, but I guess that you guess that in just about any area where interests and hobbies occur.
And I had a good time!

(here you see T-Dog and Merle set aside
their differences to interrogate a small
zombie girl) 
There were some cast members (or former cast members) from The Walking Dead in attendance, so I got to snap some pictures of Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) and IronE Singleton (T-Dog).  Also some girl who played a zombie.  I'm not sure of her real name, but apparently she's got a role in some upcoming movie that's some sort of spin off of Night of the Living Dead. 
It was pretty cool to see them in real life.  I really like that show.  One of the best sci-fi fantasy shows of its time, for sure.

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda were in town this weekend, and on Saturday night Amy and I rode over to Fonda San Miguel with Ryan and Jamie to meet up with them and my parents.  It was a nice evening!  Good food, and a nice chance for Bob and Linda to meet Amy and catch up with us.
We had a nice dinner.  In addition to chatting with Bob and Linda I got to hear a bit about Mom and Dad's trip to Kenya.
Fonda San Miguel is a nice restaurant.  We really only go there for special occasions, so it fit the bill very well.

On Sunday we got up and did some chores, and I exercised a bit.  In the afternoon we went over to Mom and Dad's house for a lunch cookout.  Got to catch up with Bob and Linda a bit more and spend some time with the family unit.  Dad and Ryan grilled burgers and sausages.  Brownies and ice cream for dessert. 
It was good!  I was happy that Bob and Linda got to spend time with Amy, and it was nice for me to have a chance to catch up with them.
Sunday night we had Mono Ensemble practice.  We have a gig coming up on Friday.
Amy's friend (my friend, too!), Heidi, is in town this week.  We're trying to see her.  Amy is busy making those laws...

Have a good week, guys!

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