Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

So we had a three day weekend.  It wasn't bad, but it was kind of weird.  Amy had to work a lot.  It was the end of the Texas legislative session, so she was putting in long hours manning the fort at Lege Council while the legislators wrapped up most of their bills. 
On Friday night I don't think I did a whole lot.  Amy got off work late.  I really can't remember what I did, so it must have been extremely exciting.
On Saturday I went over to my brother's house to help he and my dad move some bookshelves upstairs in his house.  We moved furniture, went to the hardware store, and went out to eat with Mom and Jamie.  It was nice to see everyone and hang out.  Saturday I also did some grocery shopping and laundry and whatnot.  Amy came home for dinner, but then hag to go back in to work until late at night.
On Sunday I went to see Iron Man 3.  It was pretty good.  Not exactly groundbreaking or anything, but entertaining.  Tony Stark was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder following the alien attack on New York from The Avengers movie.  It was kind of an interesting twist to throw such a cold splash of reality into the middle of a superhero action adventure, but they didn't do much with it.  Our protagonist just sort of jokes about his panic attacks and then shrugs them off.  That particular plotline made me think that maybe superhero movies should just avoid bummer plotlines that can't easily be resolved in two hours.  It also made me realize that some of the good TV shows lately have sort of upped the ante in terms of developing nuanced characters.  Of course, TV shows have the luxury of time, telling a story across multiple episodes.
But I thought Iron Man 3 was pretty good.  I'm not sure it's going to work its way into my top 5 list, but it was a good, solid summer popcorn flick.

Sunday night we ate Thai food after Amy got home, and then I played quiet guitar music while Amy fell asleep reading on the sofa.
Monday, Memorial Day, was the last day of session, otherwise known as sine die.  It was a work day for Amy.  I got up in the morning and went on a pretty long bike ride, including a stop at Amy's office to see her for a few minutes while she took a break.  In the afternoon I went to a Memorial Day pool party at Judge Denton's house.  It was nice.  He had barbecue, and a number of people from the courthouse, including the entire staff of the veterans court, were in attendance.
After the party I headed downtown where I met up with Amy and her coworkers.  They were at the Dog and Duck, drinking a beer or two and celebrating the end of the session.
We went home and had dinner and the weekend was over. 
It sort of went by in a blur.

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend!
Congrats to Amy on finishing up her first regular legislative session!  (there's a special session already underway, but we're hoping the hours will be better)

Welcome to summer 2013...


The League said...

thanks for all the help this weekend! Couldn't have done it without you.

J.S. said...

yeah! you're welcome! good to see you guys!

Jean said...

I noticed a small Freudian slip at the end of the second paragraph. "Amy came home for dinner, but then hag to go back in to work until late at night." So...the hag had to go back to work? Greg always tells me, "There are no accidents".

cardboardbelts said...

I noticed the "hag" slip as well. I can't say that its use wouldn't be inaccurate.

J.S. said...

Oh jeez. You guys are vicious! And if Greg doesn't think there are any accidents, then he hasn't spent enough time with me!! 49% of the things I do are accidents. ;-)