Monday, June 03, 2013


Howdy!  It's June!  Summer! 
I really like summer.  It's hot, but it's relaxed.  And it's fun.  I dig it.

So last Monday was the end of the regular session for Amy.  Her schedule is a little more normal now, so we're getting into a bit more of a regular routine.
On Tuesday night we joined Ryan, Susan, and Juan for Enter the Dragon at the Alamo Ritz.  For those who enjoy kung fu action movies, Enter the Dragon is a classic.  The characters have enough backstory to make them more interesting than simple punching bags, and the plot contains both some themes that are fairly classic in martial arts films (e.g., the shaolin temple and the wizened master) as well as some elements that make the movie feel more firmly placed in a particular place and time (e.g., Jim Kelly's character, Williams, seems to have a bit of a black power sort of vibe going on, and quickly flees to Hong Kong after getting into a fight with some racist cops; Roper and Williams seem to be war buddies, having both served in Vietnam).
At any rate, Enter the Dragon is a cool movie.  Bruce Lee emanates intense ferocity on screen, and John Saxon and Jim Kelly, while not quite as impressive as martial artists, lend a vibe to the film that gives it a lot more personality than your typical kung fu flick.

What else?
(that's right, Amy, I posted this!
Barton Springs 4 evah!)
The weekend was good.  We went to Barton Springs for the first time this season.  Although I didn't get in the water as quickly as Amy "Penguin" Davis, I think I managed to get into the cold water fairly quickly for a first dip of the year.  We had a nice combination of summer breeze, clouds, sun, and crazy neo hippies with didgeridoos and hula hoops.
The weekend also involved water melon, bicycle riding, and dog walking.
We went out for breakfast omlettes one morning at Magnolia.  Good food and fun to go out for breakfast.

(there is more sky in Elgin)
(it's like a nerdier version of
Burning Man!)
We went to a sine die party (the fancy name for the last day of session) for Amy's office out in Elgin at a house that had horses, a golf cart, karaoke, horseshoes (the game- not equine footwear), and a motorbike.  There was barbecue and beer and friendly folks.  We had a really nice time.  At some point people busted out some fireworks.  Mildly perilous and majorly fun.
I had band practice, but with only Frank and Jim in attendance.  To mix things up even more, I played acoustic guitar and mandolin.  Frank played his new amp.  We struggled a bit to find our footing, but we had some moments that sounded really good.  Given a little more time and practice in that sort of configuration I think we could do pretty well.

Amy made some excellent food over the weekend.  We had a really good salmon dish that's baked in some sort of asian bread crumbs (panko?) and involves mustard.  Very, very good.  She also made some blackberry bars that we ate with frozen yogurt.  They were also ridiculously good.  She had asked if I wanted any sort of baked fruit thing, and I threw blackberry cobbler out there just to see if she would go for it, and then she made these blackberry bars and they were better than cobbler. In all the right places, sweet and tart and crunchy and soft.  For real.  She could have a restaurant. 

We've also been watching Prime Suspect on Netflix.  Many of you may already know about it, but for those who don't, it's a British show about homocide detectives in the early 90's.  It stars Helen Mirren as Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison. 
I like the show.  Tennison isn't a perfect human being- her drive to achieve professional success often leads to deficiencies in other aspects of her personal life- but she's good at her job and determined to succeed in an environment that's wrought with sexism and bias.  Good acting and good writing.  I'm sure we'll watch more.

Annnd.... that's about it.
It was a nice, relaxing weekend.
Following the legislative session, it was a nice change of pace for Amy, and it was really nice to just have a chance for both of us to relax a bit and hang out.

Take care!

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