Monday, September 24, 2012

The Week in Review

So it was a busy week and a busy weekend.  Last week I went on a work trip for a prosecutor conference in South Padre.  It involved some training and some quality beach time.

(something about this trumps a morning in a crowded
(even nicer than the view from
my office)
Anyway, I was gone from Wednesday morning through Friday evening.  We did some coworker bonding (because we don't see nearly enough of each other at work) and took advantage of the chance to get away from the office.  As I told Amy when I got back, I just really like the beach.  I like the ocean.  I like the sand and waves and water.  I don't need a fancy beach in order to be happy.  I just need a beach.  But as it turns out, South Padre is actually one of the nicest beaches that Texas has to offer.  Blue waves and some whitish sand.  Throw in some nice weather, and it makes for a very pleasant experience.
Anyway, I got back from the conference Friday evening. 
It was really nice to get home to see Amy.  I wish she could have gone to South Padre with me.  Maybe next time (once she's been at her job a little longer and has some vacation time to work with).

Our weekend back here in Austin was very good.  On Friday we just sort of crashed.  I got home, unpacked, and we went and got some frozen yogurt.  On Saturday we got up and went for breakfast tacos.  We took Cassidy down to Auditorium Shores for some play time with the other dogs and people.  When we got home, I went for a bike ride.  Having had no real exercise in three days, it felt nice to stretch my legs. 

In the afternoon we ran some errands.  Now let me back up for a moment and say that before I left for my trip, I had spoke with my brother about going to see Amanda Palmer at Stubb's.  He had an extra ticket, and I've read/heard/seen enough interesting stuff about Ms. Palmer over the years to make me interested in wanting to see her perform live.  Well, it turned out that her concert was on the day that I had to leave for Padre, so I couldn't make the show.  Amy, however, ever the intrepid music fan, was interested and curious, and arranged to attend the show in the company of Roundball.  By all accounts the concert was really good and a lot of fun.  Pursuant to her new interest in Amanda Palmer, Amy has become a fan of the following very excellent song:

All of this to say that one of our errands on Saturday afternoon involved heading over to the guitar store where I got a new guitar cable (long overdue) and Amy got a ukulele.  In our calmer moments over the rest of the weekend the house has been filled with the cheerful sounds of Amy working on learning the ukulele.  Very nice!
On Saturday night Amy made tortilla soup and we watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  It's kind of a strange movie, but I like it.  I really like the music.  Amy said she liked it, too.
On Saturday I had seen a message on the sign out in front of El Arroyo that said, "A Car Free Day is a Care Free Day".  Deciding that this message might have been specifically meant for me (at least in some sort of grand, cosmic, quasi-spiritual sense), I decided to put it into effect on Sunday.  I rode my bike to the pharmacy and the grocery store.  Later, Amy and I also rode to the bookstore.  There was quite a bit of South Austin cycling this weekend, and the weather was really good for it.
Sunday evening we had Mono Ensemble practice.  We're still trying to get our sh*t together for our gig on October 19th.  Everyone come check us out at The Carousel Lounge.  9:00 p.m..  I'm not sure how we'll sound, but the beer is cheap, there's no cover, and you're not doing anything that night, anyway.
Sunday night Amy made a really good fish/zucchini dish (it had some sort of really tasty garlic sauce), and we watched Downton Abbey.  Typing the previous sentence just made me feel a little bit like a girly man.  Anyway, it was, in fact, a very nice evening!
So that was the weekend.  Good work trip, but even nicer to be home!

I hope everyone else is doing A-OK!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Whatever happened to your interest in photography? You have an eye for it.


J.S. said...

Thanks, Dad! Not much skill involved in this picture, though, other than noticing, "That's a really cool sunrise!" and snapping a shot with my iPhone. I'm still interested in photography, but I just haven't had much time to get much more involved with it (it's also one of those hobbies where it's easy to get overwhelmed by the advice and criticism of other enthusiasts, even when you're not trying to take it quite as seriously).