Monday, September 17, 2012


Well, it was a good weekend, but it definitely felt more like fall and less like summer.  Friday night I don't think we did a whole lot.  We're sort of latecomers to the series, but we watched the first two episodes of Downton Abbey.  It was fun.  Not really what I was expecting.  The show provides an interesting portrayal of the aristocratic British lifestyle.  The plotlines feel a little more soap opera-esque than I would have thought (the "Oh no you didn't!" style moments of barbed, confrontational dialogue have been coming pretty fast and furious), and the show seems a little less subtle than I was expecting in terms of character development and building/resolving dramatic tension.  But the show is fun!  As Amy pointed out, it's sort of nice to watch something where the conflicts aren't ultimately resolved with violence (Game of Thrones, Deadwood, and Boardwalk Empire are all shows that can involve a fair amount of complexity, but disagreements often ultimately involve bloodshed).  Also, Downton Abbey has made me realize that my life has been incomplete without a valet and a footman.  I intend to talk to some of the interns currently working in my office to see if they're interested in taking on a role at Steano Abbey.
On Saturday we got up and went to Juan in a Million for breakfast.  Then I went for a bike ride while Amy went to the gym.  It was nice.  We went to the store.  Amy made delicious queso and peanut butter cookies and then Saturday night some friends came over to watch UT play football against Ole Miss.  We had a really pleasant time.  In addition to having a good time hanging out with friends, it was satisfying to see UT get its offense in gear and execute all kinds of solid plays.  UT's defense still has some real kinks to work out (most teams aren't going to let us score 66 points against them, and it worries me that we gave up 31 points to Ole Miss), but it was really nice to see our offense playing so well.  Jaci and Josh brought their puppy, Clementine, over, so even Cassidy had a fun game night.
Sunday it rained pretty much all day.  I went to go have a birthday lunch with my Uncle Donald and Susan, Ciara, Ryan, and Jamie (Mom and Dad were attending a funeral in Houston).  It was nice to see them all and get a chance to catch up. 
Sunday evening we had band practice.  It was pretty good.  Everyone made it over. 
And that, for the most part, was the weekend.
As I said, it felt like fall.  I think it was the football and the rain.

Hope everyone stayed dry and safe this weekend!  Enjoy falling into fall!


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