Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!

Hey!  I hope everyone had a good weekend!
We had a really nice one over on Tejas Trail.
On Friday I went for a bike ride in the morning, and then my folks came by.  The whole family pitched in and we got some yard work done, cutting back bushes and pruning and stuff.  Mom, Dad, and Amy started this process last week when I was getting my large trees professionally trimmed (I was at work).  Our yard looks really great thanks to all of their hard work!
Friday afternoon we went swimming at Mom and Dad's neighborhood pool in Steiner Ranch, and Friday evening we had a cook out over at their house.  We had slamon burgers, and they were really good.  Friday evening we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love over at their house.  The movie had its moments, but on the whole, probably not exactly up my alley.  Steve Carell presented another sad sack, cringe-inducing character.  When those sorts of characters are completely clueless I can find them funny (e.g., The Office), but when they're relatively self aware (as in this movie) they tend to move too close to depressing for me to find them particularly funny.  Combine this with the fact that the film didn't really say anything new and... I'm not sure what you really have.
Anyway, it had a few funny moments.
Saturday we got up and I went for a pretty long bike ride.  In the afternoon we went to the store.  Saturday night Amy and I picked up a friend of hers and we all went over to my folks' house to hang out with Ryan and the parentals for the UT season opener against Wyoming.
We had a really good time.  UT looked better in the opener then they looked at the beginning of last season, but the defense still has some problems, and there are still quite a few things to work on if UT is going to have a really successful year.
Mostly we just had a good time talking and eating and hanging out.
Sunday we went to Barton Springs (which was very nice) and then Amy and I went on a bike ride together when we got back.  It was very pleasant.  Sunday night Amy made really good spinach and mushroom enchiladas with some kind of tomatillo sauce.  Very good.  In the evening we watched Boardwalk Empire.
Monday I went for most of a long ride again.  I say most of a long ride because I blew out a tire when I was 10.2 miles into my ride.  I walked my bike about a quarter of a mile to a bus stop, threw my bike on the bike rack, and rode the bus home.  Tire repairs are still underway (I put a patch on but haven't tested it yet).  Sunday afternoon we took Cassidy down to the spillover at Barton Springs.  There were lots of dogs and people, but it was a really nice day, and it was fun to watch all of the activity and swim in the cool water.  Afterwards we went to a Labor Day cookout over at Mandy's place.  It was fun.  Andy and Rami showed up with their baby, Wilson, so I got to meet him for the first time.  It was really cool.  I'm very happy for them!  Wilson is very small, but very cool.  Andy and Rami seemed a little tired, but happy.  :-)

In the evening we went for dinner at Homeslice and had some pizza.  As always, it was good.

Today is Amy's first day of work at the Texas Legislative Council.  I'm really excited for her.  Hope it goes well.  I keep thinking of her and wondering what she's up to!  Big day!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend!
Enjoy the short week!
I can't believe summer is already winding down.


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