Monday, September 10, 2012

The Weekend

Well, the weekend was very good.

On Friday night I picked Amy up from work.  It was the end of Amy's first week, and we were just tired, so we really just went home and crashed.  We finished up Season 1 of Boardwalk Empire.  I like that show.  Maybe not the best of all of the shows we've watched (I like Deadwood and Treme better, and possibly Game of Thrones as well), but I definitely like it.  Steve Buscemi does a good job, of course, but Kelly Macdonald and Michael Pitt are standouts as well.   

(you say you need a law written
by a smiley person with keen fashion
sense?  You've come to the right
On Saturday I got up in the morning and had breakfast with Amy and we went for a bike ride.  The weather had cooled off, which made Saturday really nice.

(same 2 guys.  Different year)

In the afternoon I went to College Station with my parents and Reed to see Texas A&M play the University of Florida in A&M's first ever SEC conference game.  My parents are Florida alums, and Reed went to A&M, so we were sort of a house amicably divided as we walked into Kyle Field (and my mom decided, for some reason, to wear her UT sun visor, so I got questions from some Aggies sitting next to us about the various loyalties of our small group).
Anyway, nice weather and a pretty good game.  Even though they squeaked out a win, Florida looked a little flat, especially on defense in the first half.  They seemed to make adjustments in the second half and had a better performance.  A&M had a bit of a second half letdown, but overall, I thought they looked fairly strong.  I thought A&M's freshman quarterback, Johnny Manziel, had a strong performance, especially given that it was his first game.  Both teams, though, seem like they might be destined to struggle during the season against stronger SEC rivals unless they find ways to step up their respective games.
Anyway, it was the first time my parents had been able to attend a Florida game in about 40 years, and we all had a good time.  There were a surprising number of Florida fans at the game, and they were vocal enough to keep things lively.  I had to wonder what all of those Floridians thought about A&M's yells, songs, and traditions.  I wonder if they were left wondering who this Texas University school was that the Aggies kept singing about. 
On Sunday Amy and I got up, ate some Torchy's tacos, and rode our bikes downtown.  The weather was cool, and we had a nice little bike trip.  We rode over to both of our workplaces.  I could definitely ride to work, but I'm hesitant to do it without a shower to use when I get there.  Texas gets hot. 

(some cute girl who was outside the
 Moody Theater)
(Mr. Lovett with Ms. Shawn Colvin)
Sunday evening we had dinner with my parents and then went to see Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at ACL Live.  The show was really good.  We happened to catch the last show of Lovett's summer tour, and the concert was filled with guest appearances (Shawn Colvin and Ray Benson both joined Lyle on stage), favorite cover songs, various originals that had been written by the musicians in Lovett's band, and, of course, Lyle Lovett songs, both old and new.  It was a really good concert.  Lovett played a number of songs that were created by some of his favorite songwriters, and he seemed to be enjoying performing every bit as much as the audience enjoyed listening.  He told some stories about Texas musicians who had helped him out in the early days of his career, and he took the opportunity to put some of his fellow musicians front and center.   I'm sure that the guys in his band, many of them aspiring solo performers in their own right, appreciated the chance to perform their own material with a talented band in front of an appreciative ACL Live crowd.
In a sort of random twist of fate, my mom (aka, The Karebear) happens to know Lyle Lovett's mother.  Mom used to go to church with Mrs. Lovett down in Spring, and they both worked together at an ESL (English as a Second Language) program, primarily attended by Spanish speaking people, that's been operated out of Trinity Lutheran Church for years. 
Anyway, the reason I mention all of this is that Mom managed to get us backstage passes.  We did the meet and greet after the show.  Let me tell you Adventurers, there's something a little surreal about being part of a conversation where a musician that you've listened to for decades talks to your mom, refers to her by name (well, "Mrs. Steans"- he was very polite), and promises to tell his mom that he ran into your mom.
And were we afraid to be the fans who asked to take a picture?  No, we were not.  Mr. Lovett was very nice and gracious, especially given the fact that he was probably pretty tired (it was sort of late and after he had just played for more than two hours), and he had a whole group of people waiting to talk to him.

(Mom teaches ESL for a few years and then this happens)

Anyway, it was a really good weekend.  I'm a little tired today, but it was well worth it.

I hope everyone else is doing well, too.  Wanna send out a shout out to Roundball, who was fighting some sort of respiratory ailment all weekend.  Hope he's all healed up!



Anonymous said...

That is so cool. I knew the background story with your mom and Lyle Lovett, and knew you were seeing him, but did not know that you had the backstage passes too!

I'm assuming the Admiral took the pic.

You and your folks had quite an Aggie weekend! (Lyle is of course class of '79).

Enjoyed going to the game with you and your folks, although I did not care for the outcome. :-)

'Gig Em


Anonymous said...

By the way, on football we'll see. I think even though A&M is younger, they are better than last year. Overall I was pretty happy with the way they played considering the amount of youth they had to play. This is much different than last Thanksgiving were A&M muffed punts, and threw three picks, and completely choked.

I think Florida is pretty good this year and their defense is outstanding. Of course, if they blow the game to Tennessee this week then the pressure will continue to mount on Muschamp.


J.S. said...

Yeah, I didn't think either team looked particuarly bad, I just think there a lot of good teams in the SEC. The Florida-Tennessee game should be an interesting matchup next week.