Monday, October 01, 2012


("You mean these things don't pop up when everyone smiles?
Ridiculous!  I don't believe you.")

So last week was a busy week!  On Wednesday Amy's parents, Jean and Greg, arrived in town from Phoenix.  They rented a nice little condo near Barton Springs, which was both close to our house as well as close to the hike and bike trails in Zilker Park and down near Ladybird Lake. 
I hope they had a nice visit.  Amy and I both really enjoyed having them in town.
They got a chance to see Amy's office in her new workplace at the Legislative Council, and during the week we joined them for dinner several nights.  On Friday night we went to Perla's, and had a very fun, delicious meal.  I really, really like that restaurant.  Great seafood.  Thank you Jean and Greg for taking us out!
On Saturday I went with Greg, Ryan, Jamie, and our friend Simon (along with his ladyfriend, who I was introduced to, but whose name, regrettably, escapes me at the moment) to the Alamo to see the 1960 sci-fi classic, The Time Machine.  The screening was part of a kids club event, which was pleasant, but just a little strange- not because the movie isn't suitable for kids, but because it's at least as entertaining for adults.  You think they would market these things as "family" movie events or something.  At any rate, the kids club screenings are free, so that's really cool. 
We all really enjoyed ourselves.  Looking around our little group, I realized that we had somehow assembled a rather formidable group of film geeks.  There was just indisputably a lot of esoteric film knowledge stored in our combined noggins.  The movie was a lot of fun, and watching a classic sci-fi flick on a rainy autumn Saturday morning while eating popcorn turned out to be a great idea (I have to give credit to Greg, who spotted the screening in the paper).
Saturday afternoon I went for a bike ride while Amy hung out with Jean.  It was a pretty good ride- cloudy and breezy.  I inadvertantly stumbled upon the Pecan Street Festival, which was relatively uncrowded given the rain that had been falling throughout the morning.
Saturday evening we all headed over to my parents' house for dinner and to watch the UT-Oklahoma State game.  We drove through pounding rain to get to Steiner Ranch, but the storm left behind the rainbow in the picture above.  Dinner was good, and the game turned out to be very exciting (with a nice UT win).  Everyone had a nice time.  I thought it was really good to have a chance for us to all just hang out, relax, and catch up a bit.
On Sunday Amy got up to go for a walk/run with her mom, and I rode my bike down to Maria's for some breakfast tacos.  When I got back to the house, I put up some Halloween decorations (we only get 30 days to enjoy them!), and then went for a longer ride while Amy and her parents did some shopping.  Sunday evening I had band practice.  Everyone made it over, and I thought we sounded pretty good.  Everyone mark your calendars with our gig date for the Carousel Lounge on Friday, October 19th at 9:00!  Be there or be square!
So that was the weekend, more or less.  I hope you guys had a good one.
Thanks to Jean and Greg for the meals and company!  It was good to see you.


Jean said...

Thank you for being a great host! We had an awesome visit. Greg especially enjoyed the movie and the company and being able to borrow your guitar.

As always, I loved Chuy's and all the other food...

Thanks again!


J.S. said...

We had a really nice visit with you, too, Jean!
It's funny- I had always liked Chuy's, but it had sort of fallen off my radar for a while until I started dating Amy and hanging out with the Davis clan (I think I just went to a few other places, and I sort of forgot about it). It's really good, though! Definitely, in my opinion, one of the better Tex Mex places in Austin. It still has a comfort food quality, but it's got some flavor- not just cheese and tortillas.
Anyway, it was a nice visit. See you soon!