Monday, August 27, 2012

The Weekend

Well, the weekend was pretty good.  Amy's back in town, so, of course, that helped to make it better.

Friday night we went over to go play games with friends.  We ended up playing Modern Art and Ra.  They're both auction/bidding games.  Somehow Amy and I actually ended up moving out of our traditional last and second to last places this Friday.  Is it coincidence that Amy did so well in a game that essentially involved strategic shopping?  Hmmm... ;-)
Anyway, we had a good time, as always, at game night.  We both really enjoy it.  Thanks to Reid, Jim, and Ben for having us.

On Saturday our friend Jaci came over, and we all rode out to Blanco State Park together to meet up with another friend, Heidi.  Heidi is moving to Lubbock soon to work in the Texas Tech library system, so this was a last chance to hang out this summer before she heads for life up on the caprock.
Blanco State Park was nice.  The weather was very agreeable, the park wasn't at all crowded, and it was nice to float in the river and just relax.  We swam a bit, laid out in the sun, and had a picnic lunch with sandwiches and watermelon and hummus (and oh yeah- Jaci brought Nutella.  How have I not tried this stuff before?!  It tastes way too good to be good for you...)
Our trip to Blanco turned out to be a really pleasant way to spend a Saturday.  Nice place and good company.  We need to get out into the hill country more frequently.
Saturday night Amy made a dish that had rice and chicken and peppers.  It was good.  Afterward we watched Back to School.  I'm not exactly sure why it was so important to me that Amy see this movie, but for some reason I really wanted her to check it out.  It's still pretty funny, and I think she enjoyed it.  At any rate, now Amy will be able to recognize the Triple Lindy when she sees me perform one at the neighborhood pool.

On Sunday I went for a bike ride, and we went to the store.  We had a Mono Ensemble practice.  Everyone showed up and we sounded pretty good (especially loud this week, maybe).  Amy made tasty fish tacos for dinner.  We watched Boardwalk Empire last night.

It was a really nice weekend.  It went by too fast.

I hope you guys had a weekend and that your week is off to a good start!



Paul Toohey said...

I'm happy you were able to get Amy to wach Back to School...Academy Award Nominated William Zabka rules in it (and all movies)!

J.S. said...

Glad to hear you're such a big Zabka fan! Not just the poor man's James Spader!