Monday, June 04, 2012

The Weekend

So the weekend was pretty good.  Friday was low key.  We didn't do much.
On Saturday Amy studied (she's getting ready for the bar exam).  I got some exercise and did a few small things around the house.  In the afternoon I rode my bike over to the theater and went to see Men in Black III so I could give Amy some quiet time.
I had very low expectations for that movie, but on a summer popcorn flick sort of level, I think it actually succeeded.  It was fun, and Josh Brolin did a spot on Tommy Lee Jones impersonation.
Not exactly groundbreaking filmmaking, but the MIB movies do a pretty good job with taking bizarre/fantastic scenarios and depicting them as just a regular part of the workaday world for their protagonists.  It makes for amusing comedy.
On Saturday night we went to see Joe Ely at The Saxon Pub.  He put on a really good show.  Ely's got a good voice, catchy tunes, and good lyrics.  His songs have energy to them, even on the slower, sadder tunes.  I'm really glad we ended up going to see him.  And, of course, the Saxon Pub was, as always, a nice, intimate venue. 
(in a move that amuses everyone but surprises no one, Mr. Ely decides to spin
a yarn or two between songs)
(this team looks like it should have won
big, right?)

We actually ended up leaving the Saxon Pub before the end of the show because we'd made some slightly overlapping plans to meet up with some friends for trivia.  At halftime in our trivia contest we were in first place.  By the end we were... not in first place.  I know it sound like sour grapes to blame the questions, but it really does feel like some of the knowledge categories are getting lamer and lamer (this time we had an entire round dealing with celebrity boobs).
All I'm saying is that it's not that our team isn't smart enough- it's that the game itself isn't smart enough for our team!  ;-)
On Sunday Amy studied some more.  I went for a bike ride.  We also went to Barton Springs for a while.  We ran to the store.
It was a nice weekend.  Amy made some Mexican food with shrimp and chipotle peppers (I've decided that I'm definitely a big fan of chipotle peppers), and different Mexican food with chicken and roasted poblano peppers.  Both meals were delicious.
Well, so that was the weekend.
Hope everyone else had a nice time!

Take care.

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