Monday, June 25, 2012

Da Weekend

Hey!  The weekend was pretty slow, but good.
Amy's in bar exam study mode, so obviously that keeps her pretty busy.
Friday night I got home from work, and for some reason, despite the fact that it was probably close to 100 degrees outside, I decided to ride my bike over to Ryan and Jamie's place.  It's not super far, but it was hot, and there are some little hills between here and there.  Anyway, I made it over there and back, but by the time I got home I had begun to more fully appreciate the inherent limitations ofa fixed gear cruiser bike that's slightly too small for you.
After my bike ride I showered, and then Amy and I joined our friends Heidi and Jaci for dinner at Chuy's.  We drank margaritas, caught up, and ate some tasty Tex Mex.  It was a good time.
On Saturday we got up and went to the grocery store.
We've been eating a lot of watermelon lately, and it's been really good.  Also,this might make me sound like a dork, but I still can't get over seedless watermelons.  I remember that when I was a kid we used to eat a lot of watermelon, and we would actually talk about how cool it would be if you could get a watermelon without seeds (usually this would come up while we were spitting out watermelon seeds or helping Mom pick seeds as she cut up a watermelon for the fridge).  I remember the first types of seedless watermelons coming out, but they weren't really as sweet or as good as regular watermelons.  Nowadays, though, they've pretty much got seedless watermelons down to a science (literally, perhaps).  I'm not sure what kind of crazy bioengineering took us to this point, but in exchange for eating delicious watermelon without seeds I'm willing to overlook some Frankensteinian tomfoolery.
Anyway, Saturday morning we went to the store.  It's nice and peaceful on Saturday mornings.
After the store we got home, and I rode my bike over to Ryan's house again.
By the time I got there, I was sick of having a bike that was too small and had no gears.  I've been looking at bikes online for a couple of months now, and I knew that my brother was the perfect man to empower me to go out and blow some cash on a recreational purchase.  We loaded into my brother's Honda Element (which has an insane amount of cargo room for a small SUV) and headed over to University Cyclery.  A couple of hours later (and after a short stop at the comic book shop- always a likelihood when you head north of 35th street with Ryan) I was back at Ryan and Jamie's with my sweet new bike.

(I'm pretty sure that when ninjas ride bikes, this is
probably the one that they ride)
I'm pretty happy with my bike.  It's got more gears than I need, but more importantly, it has an extra
large frame, and it fits me a lot better than my old bike.  Already seems like a can pedal for longer without getting tired.  Of course, I've only had my new bike for a couple of days, and now the temperatures are projected to be up in the 105 degree range for the first part of this week.  Oh well.  I've already figured out that I can get a nice quick ride in if I head out the door about half an hour or 45 minutes before sunset, and on the weekends I can go in the mornings.
Anyway, I spent some time riding around on Saturday while Amy studied.  Saturday night we went to meet up with Jaci and Heidi again for trivia at Opal Divine's.

(this is the sort of team that knows the details of Barbie and Ken's
break up AND knows the birth places of a bunch of presidents)
Trivia was good.  I'd been cycling around in the heat, so I was a little tired when it came time to head to trivia at 10:00 p.m., but when we got there it was really nice to just sit out on the porch, drink a beer, and enjoy the evening.  We had a good time, and I believe we placed in the top half of the field of 27 teams.
On Sunday we ate some breakfast at Central Market and then took Cassidy down to the spillover at Barton Springs.  It was Amy's first time down there, and it was a nice trip.  We got in the water a bit and splashed around, and there were a lot of friendly dogs out there frollicking and enjoying the coolest spot in town on a hot, summer day.
After the creek we went back to the house.  Amy studied and exercised while I mostly watched the Englad v. Italy Euro 2012 soccer match.  I like watching soccer, but to be honest, that England/Italy game sort of exemplified all of the reasons that Americans have a hard time getting into professional soccer-  90 minutes of regular play and two different fifteen minute overtime periods, and in the end the game came down to a penalty kick shootout.  Soccer fans (and announcers) will try to tell you that this sort of situation makes for a classic game- that hard fought matches between two strong teams often end in a stalemate that has to be resolved through a shootout.  I gotta say, though, that I find this sort of thing annoying.  To me, when I get done watching a 120 minute game where no goals have been scored, I feel like I've just seen a big example of a situation where teams aren't able to implement any sort of productive offensive strategy and where athleticism hasn't really been rewarded.  I know that it's hard to score in soccer and that teams often emphasize defense over offense, but when you don't get to see goals being scored you just feel like you've been watching  high powered machines idle along for a couple of hours without ever really making progress.  When you get to the end of a two hour soccer match and it goes scoreless and ends in a shootout, it's hard to get past the feeling that we could have just done the shootout at the beginning and gotten the whole thing over with a heck of a lot faster.
Anyway, there were some exciting moments in the England/Italy game, but in the end, just another lame ol' shootout.  I didn't even really care who won (it was Italy, BTW), but I've decided that I just don't like watching soccer games end in scoreless situations.
On Sunday evening we had Mono Ensemble practice.  Eric, Reed, Jim, and myself were there.  We played a bunch of stuff, and had a good time.  It felt really good to play.  We'd been on break for quite a while.
And that was pretty much the weekend!
It was hot and sometimes tiring, but it was good.  I hope everyone else had a nice one!


Jean said...

That's one serious looking bike-- perfect for nude riding!

J.S. said...

Nude riding? The new bike is black. It's gonna get hot, and there could be a serious risk of scorching!!!