Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Weekend

Hey!  Hope everyone is doing well.
We had a nice, relaxed Memorial Day weekend.  We spent some time running errands and taking care of chores.  Went to church.  Got some exercise.  Did some shopping.  Read a book.  Walked Cassidy.
Went out for Mexican food on Saturday night.  We grilled on Sunday night.  Chicken and corn and grilled squash.  Washed it down with a couple of Mexican beers.  'Twas a good meal.  Tasted like summer.
On Monday, Memorial Day, we went to Barton Springs and swam in the cool water and lay in the warm sun.  Afterward we ate a lot of watermelon and a little baba ganoush.
Went to the music store and played expensive guitars and almost bought a mandolin, but in the end, did not.  We sold some things and made a purchase at Half Price Books, but walked away feeling like they got a little more out of us than we got out of them. 
Mono Ensemble rehearsal on Monday night.  We worked on a couple of new songs and made progress on getting them right.  It might be a while before we can practice again, though, so I'm not sure whether they'll stick.
It was a good weekend.
Now it feels like summer.

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