Monday, June 11, 2012

The Weekend; Prometheus

So another weekend...
Friday night Amy and I went and played board games with some friends of hers.  We played a game called Imperial 2030.  It's a complicated game.  Amy and I have played it before, and we did better this time, but I think it's fair to say that we still have a lot of room for improvement.
Saturday morning Amy went to her bar exam review course.
I got up and rode my bike downtown.
Downtown!  I rode along Western Trails to Bannister, across 71, and then rode down South 5th Street through some neighborhoods until I got to Barton Springs.  Then I rode around downtown for a little bit and through Zilker Park.
I will admit that the ride into downtown from my house in South Austin is mostly downhill, while the ride back out of downtown is all pretty much uphill.  On the way back I rode the bus.  It costs $1, and you can just throw your bike onto the rack on the front of the bus.
Pretty cool.

I had been sort of excited about this trip downtown on my bike- not just because I wanted to ride downtown, but because I thought it could help me learn how to navigate the bus system with my bike (now I can ride out in different directions, and if I get tired, I can just how a bus and ride back).
Since I was excited about the bike ride, I had mentioned it to Jean, my mother-in-law to be, when I had talked to her on the phone earlier in the week.  I told her that I was taking my first big donwtown bike ride this weekend, that I thought it would be a lot of fun, and that Amy was going to have to study, so she wouldn't be joining me.
So, apparently this weekend, Jean came across a news story about an Austin event taking place this weekend for World Naked Bike Ride Day.
Now Adventurers, Steanso likes to have a good time as much as the next guy.  I like my bike, and I have, at times, even been considered a free spirit. 
But there are certain things that even the open minded citizens of Austin are not prepared for, and there are certain parts of Steanso that aren't ready to catch a tan while riding a bike downtown Austin.
So when I talked to Jean on Saturday, sadly, I had to let her down a little bit by reporting that all of my cycling adventures had been of the mundane, clothed variety.  Which suddenly made my bike riding trip seem less exciting than it could have been.  Hopefully she wasn't too disappointed in me.

(Lamar Bridge over Lake Ladybird.  Dig the helmet hair.  Also, note the fact
that I am wearing at least some amount of clothes)
Saturday afternoon I helped Amy move some stuff, and we made a quick trip to the store.  Saturday night Amy made some sort of Mexican chicken dish with onions and jalapenos and rice and black beans.  It was really, really good.
On Sunday I got up and rode over to Target to do some shopping.  After the shopping, Amy and I attended a baby shower for my longtime friends (and Amy's newer friends) Rami and Andy.  The shower was at Mandy's house, and it was very nice.  Mandy and friends did a great job with food and decorations and whatnot.

(I'm still not sure whether Andy ever figured out that all of those presents
weren't just for him.)
(Andy attacks pinata).
(Andy taunts pinata)

Sunday afternoon involved some studying on Amy's part.  On Sunday evening we went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see Prometheus with some friends from work and spouses of friends from work (it was Emilio's birthday, so Nancy and Emilio got us all reserved seats- very nice!).
Amy did not really care for Prometheus.  To be honest, I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  I guess its reach definitely surpassed its grasp, but I still sort of respected the attempt to do something a little different (I love the Aliens movies, but they've been running out of steam in that franchise).  The movie was visually stunning, for sure.  The characters weren't super well developed, but maybe they'll build on this movie in a sequel/sequels.
I respect the fact that the movie left some large unanswered questions.  Strangely, I feel like if they do subsequent movies, I guess the answers that we get in those films could actually help to define how I feel about this movie.
Anyway, I liked Prometheus, but not enough to give it a super strong recommendation.  There were weird issues with the pacing, and some glaring inconsistencies in the behavior of the characters (one minute they're scared to death of exploring at all, but the next minute they waant to taunt the strange space creatures for no reason?).  The plot seemed to have some issues in terms of its logic, but then again, it was hard to tell exactly what was going on given all of the vagueness and mystery.
Anyway, it was fun to see the movie with friends.  Thanks to Nancy and Emilio!
Well, I have to run, but I hope everyone is doing well!


Jean said...

There is always next year for the Naked Ride!

J.S. said...

We'll see.
I'm gonna start training now- try to lose some weight and put on some muscle mass so, when next year's ride comes around, I'll look really buff, ya know? If I start training now, maybe I've got a chance... ;-)