Monday, May 21, 2012

Graduation; The Weekend

This weekend Amy graduated from The University of Texas School of Law and from The School of Information (formerly the library school).  Big accomplishment!
Amy's family came into town to celebrate and to attend the law school graduation ceremony.  I had a really nice weekend visiting with them.
Amy had flown back to Arizona last week to spend time with her family (including her sister's family, since they weren't able to make it out for graduation), and she drove back to Austin with her grandparents, Jerry and Carol.  I had lunch on Friday with Amy's parents, Jean and Greg.  Friday afternoon Amy got back into town, and Friday night we joined Amy's parents, my folks, and Amy's grandparents for dinner at Fonda San Miguel.
It was a very nice meal.  I know that Austin has a lot of nice restaurants, and it seems like we get new places all the time, but Fonda San Miguel, which has been around since 1975, has a special place in my heart.  I really like the look of the restaurant, (from the skylight in the foyer to the artwork and high ceilings in the restaurant itself), the food is very good, and the waitstaff usually does a good job of keeping things casual but nice at the same time.  At any rate, the food was excellent and the company was really fun.  After dinner we went over to parents' house for a while to just hang out.  The weather was pleasant, and we had a nice time sitting out on their back porch and catching up.
On Saturday Amy and I got up and went back out to my parents house for breakfast with Amy's family.  In the afternoon we had the graduation ceremony itself.
The UT Law graduation ceremony is called The Sunflower Ceremony.  For reasons that I still don't fully understand- even after having suffered through halfhearted explanations probably half a dozen times- the students at UT Law don't just graduate in hoods or caps and gowns like everyone else.  Instead, they show up in "business attire" and have a faculty member pin a sunflower to their clothes.
I don't really get it.
Anyway, I had a few flashbacks of my own graduation ceremony from years ago.  The ceremony was kind of long, and not particularly inspired (or inspiring).  Famed Texas plaintiff's attorney Joe Jamail gave the commencement address.  He started out strong and had a few good points (I especially liked the part about having the professional autonomy to tell your client "no" when they want you to pursue a particularly foolhardy course of action), but then his talk sort of degenerated into an incohesive, rambling defense of lawyering combined with a fairly vague plea for new lawyers to "do the right thing" and "seek justice" (I'm usually not very impressed by ambiguously moral exhorations.  In my experience, people almost always find a way to justify their personal actions as "doing the right thing", no matter how questionable their behavior.  If you want to speak to questions of ethics, I think you normally need to do so with some specificity).
Anyway, the graduation ceremony was largely what I expected it to be, and it was really nice to see Amy walk and get her diploma.  She looked nice, and we were all very happy for her.
After graduation we went back to my parents' house again and had barbecue and drinks.  I picked up a chocolate fudge cake from Quack's, and it was very good.  Ryan, Jamie, Susan, Uncle Donald, and Ciara joined us for dinner.  It was a nice chance for Amy's family to meet them.
It was just a very pleasant evening.  I think everyone had a good time.  I know I did.
It was very nice to see our two families getting along and enjoying each other's company.

Congrats to Amy!  Thanks to my parents for being such gracious hosts!

(Amy with her grandfather, Jerry.  In this photo, Jerry is
sporting a beaded necklace from the Karebear Kenya Collection!)

(preparing to swipe cake from Amy and Carol)
Sunday was pretty uneventful.  Amy's parents came by to see her again before going to the airport. 
Sunday evening I had band practice, and we worked on some new tunes.  It felt good to play.

After that Amy and I watched an episode of Sherlock (which was pretty darn entertaining).  Then I crawled into bed and slept hard.
It was a good weekend.
Congrats again, Amy!


Jean said...

It was a whirlwind weekend, but we were happy to get to share all the festivities with the Steans clan, and your parents are amazing hosts! On to BAR REVIEW and I hope some time for you two at Barton Springs!

J.S. said...

I had a really good time with you guys! Amy already had her first bar review class today. It doesn't seem fair.
Hope things are going well back in Arizona. Stay cool!