Monday, October 10, 2011

Back in the ATX

Just a quick update.  Well, after a fairly productive week in Tulsa, I got back into Austin kinda late Friday night.  It was really good to get home and see Amy (and see Cassidy, and sleep in my own bed).  The whole weekend was good.  It was kind of rainy and overcast, which can sometimes get me down, but after months of severe heat and constant sunshine the clouds and drizzle made for a nice, cozy, lazy weekend.  We ran some errands, hung out around the house a bit, and went to see a movie (we saw Drive, but neither of us cared for it all that much).
The UT-OU game was unpleasant, but as with any other traumatic experience, I'm working hard to suppress that memory.  Thanks to Ryan and Jamie for having a few of us over.  Aside from the events that were taking place on the TV, it was a pleasant experience.
I don't have too much to report in terms of the veterans court training trip to Tulsa.  The National Drug Court people kept us really busy with classes and workshops and stuff about trauma and drug treatment and other related topics.  In the evening our group went out to dinner a few times.  We went to a place with pretty good  barbecue and a blues band (Back Alley Blues & BBQ) in the Blue Dome District.  We also went to a really good pizzeria (Andolini's) and a pretty good Irish pub (Kilkenny's).  Tulsa seems like a nice enough town.  The locals gave us a lot of razzing about the upcoming UT-OU game, but I would expect no less when a rivalry like that is involved.
Annnyway, it's good to be back.

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