Saturday, August 13, 2011

What You See in the Clouds

This is pretty wild. As a person who's pretty solidly grounded in a belief in science and logic, I recognize that the video shows clouds (i.e., water vapor) being shaped by wind as a storm blows in. I guess that some guy up in Canada shot this footage.
There are untold numbers of these meteorological events going on all of the time around the world, and probability itself would have to dictate that some of of the events arising out of this large group are bound to occur in formations that our minds will try to organize into recognizable patterns.
But there's some deeper, primordial part of me that still wants to posit that supernatural events, if they are ever going to exist at all, would have to take shape within the chaos and confusion of seemingly random events and coincidences- the less logical part of me argues that if there's some sort of chance that supernatural events could ever occur, then these occurrences might have to be the sort of things that a person could easily explain through logical means, while simultaneously being understandable, to a person who was inclined to see them differently, as something entirely different. This is, I suppose, where questions of faith and belief come into play. Faith in what, I'm not sure, but faith in something more than we can readily explain. The logical part of my brain wants to mock the superstitious part of my brain, but human beings have been superstitious for a long, long time, and thousands of years of evolution, in some ways, can prove a difficult thing to overcome.
So somewhere between feeling foolish about superstition and arrogant about the certainty that we have in our understanding of the universe, I feel stuck.
But faces in the clouds, no doubt, are a very cool thing.

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