Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Yesterday was a really good day. I took a day off of work so Amy and I could celebrate summer. We got up late and ate Don Juan tacos for breakfast at Juan in a Million. We went tubing in San Marcos. It was nice and peaceful and hot and cold and relaxing. We had frozen yogurt. We ate watermelon. We got sunburned and then sat in the dark air conditioning and watched LA Confidential. Amy made chilaquiles for dinner, and they were really, really good. We took Cassidy for a nighttime hop.
Just a great summer day.
Thanks to Amy for sharing it with me!!


cardboardbelts said...

you forgot to mention that we met BIG JUAN and that we each got the best handshake Texas has to offer. It was a fun day. :)

J.S. said...

Yup. It really felt like summer!
In case anyone's interested, here's a piece about Juan Meza, the owner of Juan in a Million, that appeared in the Chronicle a while back...