Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weekend

So the weekend was sort of a mixed bag. On Friday night a few of Amy's friends came over and we grabbed some food and played a few games. We played Dixit, which is a really interesting game involving pictures and interpretation (you have to guess how other people will perceive some sort of abstract images) and Imperial (which involved a big world map and wars, taxation, investment, etc.). Both games were a lot of fun. I didn't exactly win, but so long as we all had fun, we're all winners. Right? Right?!
On Saturday we met up with some other folks that Amy is friends with from the iSchool and law school for bar trivia at Opal Divine's. We ultimately came in fifth, but we were holding strong in second place until the final round, and there were 34 teams, so we did pretty well.
On Sunday we went to a funeral for my friend Debra Goodlett, who I mentioned had passed away a while back. There were quite a few people at the funeral, and some people said some very nice things.
I'm really going to miss Debra. She was much more than a coworker, and she really helped brighten up life here at the County Attorney's Office.
Sunday night we did some grilling, but in mid dinner my air conditioning went out, so I'm still contending with that. The chicken kabobs, on the other hand, were really good, but having a broken air conditioner during the middle of a heat wave is a real drag.

Well, that's it for now! I hope everyone is off to a good start this week!

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