Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Woman of My Dreams

Hey! I know you're not supposed to tell other people about your dreams because no one really cares that much (well, maybe with the exception of your shrink), but I just can't help talking about the one I had last night. I dreamt that I got to work, was over at the courthouse, and everyone was crowded around the TV watching the news. It was a scene similar to what I remember happening on 9/11. I started asking people what was going on, and they all looked at me like I was crazy.
"Haven't you heard? We launched nuclear missiles against the Russians?"
"The Russians?! Why?!"
"No one's sure. But the news people are saying there's going to be a counterattack."
"But why would Obama do that?"
"Obama? What? No! You mean Palin?"
"President Palin."
(it was a dream, so in the dream somehow this wasn't a big a shock as you might think)
"What did the Russians do to us? Doesn't she know they're just going to nuke us right back?"
Blink blink. Shrug.

I literally woke up because of the horror and frustration of the entire situation. I woke up and was laying there, thinking about the fact that Palin now has a new show on Fox News that she will be able to use on a constant basis in order to campaign for herself and to promote herself , I didn't feel a whole lot better. This is a woman who admitted that during the last campaign she never really understood that Saddam Hussein wasn't the one behind the 9/11 attacks (although, of course, she vigorously, unquestioningly supported the war in Iraq), and now I think there's little question that she has ambitions to be president. She keeps referring to herself as "folksy" and "commonsense", but apparently to her those phrases mean that a person doesn't need to be educated or knowledgable about any given topic before forming an opinion and acting upon it.
Anyway, I thought I had kind of forgotten about Palin, but, instead, apparently she's still wreaking havoc in my subconsciousness (although I'm pretty sure that Palin serves as a symbol for me of all the neo conservatives who think that the assimilation of knowledge and careful analysis of facts are the sort of things that only egghead liberals and wussy, no-action hippies engage in. Someone remind me of the exact moment when being ignorant became the same thing as being connected to the people and being a "real American".)
So yeah. I literally had that dream last night. It's kind of funny, but during the dream it didn't seem funny at all. It seemed pretty terrifying.
Well, I gotta run.
Just too busy.
Hope everyone is doing okay. Maybe more later.

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