Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Well, no time to really blog today, and Steanso will be in court tomorrow, so there may no blogging tomorrow either. Just want to say hi and that I hope everyone is hanging in there in as we ramp up for the holidays. I know it's a little stressful, but Steanso wishes all of you guys a whole pile of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza cheer. Okay. Gotta run. Peace, ya'll.


Anonymous said...

While I always appreciate your perspective on world events and also the many incredible things our president does while continuing to avoid impeachment...I am VERY concerned that you were not willing to share events that are almost as important. I believe that I am not the only blog reader that would have loved to hear all about the gal with the garter belts at festivus. While we all understand that you are now busy working a full time job and still needing to find time for Cassidy, you must understand that since there arent any over the top crazy work stories (like there used to be) you need to still entertain us while providing us with current information. Even Bill Clinton managed to find time to "entertain" while doing a fine job of leading this country.

J.S. said...

The girl in the garters IS muy mysterioso, is she not? I will say only this- she's an old friend and a good person. Other from that, I decline to comment- the Adventures are not a gossip column, ESPECIALLY for cowardly types who post anonymously... ;)

The League said...

Not having been there, I just hope the "girl" in garter belts was not Steanso himself.

This would have led to a true airing of grievances by many, I am sure.