Wednesday, December 07, 2005

For those of you who missed the recent Crack gig, here's a bit of the action at the ol' Ruta Maya on South Congress from last Friday night. It's not entirely clear, but I believe that this shot was taken during the performance of our hit single "Crabs and Lice" (which is one of the few tunes in the rotation in which Rusty Trombone Bloom takes the mic for some lead vocals). From left to right, that's "Special Friend" Gary Meyer on guitar, Jeff "Crackbass" Wilson on bass, Sigmund "Rusty Trombone" Bloom on the 'bone, and "Cleveland" Steanso himself on drums ("Dirty" Andy Sensat, on keyboards is not pictured). Thanks again to everyone who came out to see us. For those of you who didn't come out to see us- a pox on your houses. Posted by Picasa


CrackBass said...

A pox? that's the worst you can wish upon those who didn't show up? I hope they all burn in hell. especially those who promised they'd be there, then didnt show up. And those who only show up to support when it is conveniently close to their residences.

well, maybe i don't wish they would burn in hell. but i at least hope that they step in somone's recently discarded gum. preferably nicorete gum, so that they might get some foot cancer.

well, not cancer, but some foot disease, like athlete's foot.

actually, i just hope that they wish they had seen us, and that they have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

damn you, shrink, for making me gentler and nicer.

i secretly wish the "burn in hell" part.

J.S. said...

We all wish Crackbass a swift and successful recovery. Via con dios, Crackbass.