Monday, December 12, 2005

Last night Crackbass and I went to see what was allegedly the last live performance of The American Analog Set. They're an Austin-based band who play kind of mellow, atmospheric dance grooves with a lot of layered keyboard, vibraphone, and guitar sounds. Their show was pretty cool, but sort of strange as well. For one thing, it was just about the quietest show that I've ever been to. I guess that the sort of music that Amanset plays sort of makes people pay attention and maybe even get a little introspective, but for whatever reason, between songs the audience was nearly silent for most of the show (except, of course, for applause immediately following each song). It was kind of like seeing a show in a library. The music was good, but I felt like I should be laying on the ground on a pile of pillows to listen to it instead of in a club.
Anyway, these guys say that they're not breaking up, but that they're going to pursue individual projects for awhile, so I recommend that people go out and buy one of their CDs. Then, by the time they start playing live again you'll be ready to go see them.
Anyway, the show was good, but Steanso stayed out too late and now he is sleepy.

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