Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Steanso spent all day today in JP3 with no time at all for blogging.
Steanso finally got to spend about half an hour reading his newspapers, but he really didn't read anything that made him want to blog too much (Cheney is still claiming we're winning the Iraq War as insurgents set off bombs at the Baghdad police academy, Bush is still insisting upon larger and larger tax cuts, mostly for the wealthy, as the deficit grows and services are cut for the poor, and there's been some new kind of cat/fox creature discovered in Borneo which the World Wildlife Fund is trying to study and/or capture before the developers destroy its habitat).

Sorry the blogging has been suffering, but in addition to the fact that the new job is cramping my style, Steanso has just not been too fired up by the news lately. I'm just hanging back, waiting for inspiration to strike.

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