Monday, December 06, 2004

Man, I'ze busy again with little or no time for bloggin'. I got to be in court in half an hour to defend some little lady accused of beating her boyfriend. She says he beat his own self up. I do not know what to think, but methinks the boyfriend may not show up for trial, so I'm all ready to kick some ass, anyways.

Weekend was real horrorshow, me droogs, with a showing of the Big Lebowski at Anna and Jay's, followed by some compulsory bowling at the Westgate Lanes.
Furthermore, a fairly successful rehearsal by the infamous Mono E (which degenerated into another AC/DC schlock jam, but more about that later), and a few lovely outings with Miss Cassidy, including a trip to the park, during which time I discovered that Cassidy finds some sticks appropriate for fetching, while others are not.

Well, that's it for now. I just talked to Jeff Wilson on AIM, which is weird b/c he's supposed to be on a skiing trip. Things must be getting slow.

Out for now. By the way, it is confirmed. Mono Ensemble will play at the Carousel Lounge on December 17th, sometime between 7:00 and midnight. Come one, come all, to witness the misguided miracle which is the Mono Ensemble.


The League said...

I've been told to tell you to switch from blogger comments to "Haloscan". Apparently you need a blogger account to crack wise on your site.

Also, you need to promise me you will ROCK at the Carousel Lounge. None of this Jazz Odyssey shit. May I suggest a cover of "Won't Get Fooled Again" concluding with Reed blowing up his kit?

jg said...

Be it known that Jim had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the AC/DC "schlock jam." That was all Eric and Reed's doin'. :-)
Anyways... nice to see you're motivated to keep your 'blog current. I haven't been very successful; I'm too much of a lazy slug.