Monday, December 13, 2004

Well, another weekend come and gone.
I'm pretty sure that Crack practice was good on Friday, although I must admit that the memories are a wee bit hazy. My fellow Crack members are progressing incredibly quickly on their chosen musical instuments, and I fear that I may have to actually start practicing soon on the drums if I want to keep up with them. Cassidy tried to join us on some tunes with some background howling. Not sure if the mics picked that up or not.

Saturday I took Cassidy to the dog park and met a guy in a graduate school named Alton (who had a collie) and a guy named Mike who was on probation out of Williamson County for unknown crimes (who had a pit bull pup named Blue). The dog park was cool, and I think Cassidy had a blast. The dogs tend to divide and subdivide into little packs. I'm totally fascinated by watching the dogs interact. Some guy showed up with a monstrous great dane, and it lapped the park a bunch of times with like 30 dogs following it. Cassidy held her own, literally running with the big dogs for a good hour or so before tiring herself out and collapsing on the floorboard of the car for the drive home.

Saturday night the mysterious Chris Griego came by. We drank disgusting mixed drinks that Chris made out of Gatorade and vodka, watched part of Red Dawn, smoked a couple of cigars, played some Playstation, and Chris told me of his plans for Christmas lighting on his house. I may eventually have to drive up to Round Rock to see if he ever put them up.

Sunday was Mono E practice. We worked on a couple of new songs for the upcoming holiday gigs and brushed up on a few old songs. Practice was pretty smooth.

I also pulled my old computer out into the kitchen so I could jack it into the phone line and do some online shopping for the holidays. God bless the internet when it comes to Christmas. I mean, for all of the internet porn and federal wiretaps that the internet brings into existence, it's nice to know that it can be helpful sometimes, too.

And in my final, little thought for the day... How about that Viktor Yushenko? Man, just when I think that American politics have reached an all time low, the Ukranians go and start poisoning each other. I'm not sure if they're more evil with their political machinations, or just more straightforward. It really mostly makes me wonder what kind of crap Americans do behind the scenes that we never hear about. At any rate, kudos to Viktor for taking one hell of a kick in the jimmy and still having the juevos to get back up and stay in the race. Those ex-Stalinists really know how run a government.

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