Thursday, December 16, 2004

Not a lot of time for blogging today. I saw Buttercup last night at the Church of the Friendly Ghost in East Austin. Buttercup was pretty cool. They had a spinning wheel which determined your cover charge and they made us all walk across the street to Christmas carol in the Section 8 housing at the set break. Their music was pretty cool. Fairly straightforward folk/art rock, with really good 3 part harmonies. Charlie Roadman described it as "tasteful", and he may be right. The Church of the Friendly Ghost is an old church on the east side which has been turned into a music/art space. It was pretty cool, but BYOB. Really homey feeling with Christmas lights and a fireplace.

Kudos to Reed for going with me. We had a pretty good time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jason, is this the same Buttercup that includes former members of Evergreen? -n

J.S. said...

This is, in fact, the same Buttercup that has former members of Evergreen. They put on a good show. I recommend them.