Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Day 2

My second day of blogging. Hmmmmm......
Well, I am pressed for time today because I have to run back to the courthouse to do discovery for some client who allegedly broke into a bunch of cars and stole a bunch of stereos. They call it "Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity". I call it the East Austin entrepeneurial spirit.

Had lunch with Jeff Wilson, my neighbor and fellow Crack member. Jeff is well known for the festive holiday lighting on his house, his koi pond, and his ability to channel demons through the use of a bass guitar and a distortion pedal. Also dining with us was Gary Mayer (sp?) of The Amazing Letdowns fame. Gary's band is currently scheduled to play a gig with some guy named Banjo Joe who apparently gears his act towards children and incorporates some form of multi-media light show. The first time I ever saw the Letdowns, some drunk woman pulled down her pants (and underwear) and shot the bird at the Letdowns' appreciative, applauding audience. Given Banjo Joe's target audience, hopefully this show will be different.

It looks like my band could potentially have a gig coming up as well, but I'm not posting anything about it until it's a done deal.


The League said...

may I suggest you and Wilson take notes and consider changing the formation of Crack to appeal to a youth audience? 'Cause when I think Jeff Wilson, I think "there's a man who should spend some time influencing children."

Sigmund Bloom said...

"amazing letdowns fame"? isnt that an oxymoron? like "Crack music"?